5 Inbound Marketing Hacks Used in B2B Marketing Trends

Running an online B2B company can be a bit of a tumultuous ride at times. You have to deal with fluctuating sales, suppliers failing to meet demands, and competitors stopping at nothing to get to the top. Understandably, many entrepreneurs struggle and drop out of the race within a year. There’s no doubt about it—the B2B industry can be brutal. After all, sales aren’t going to automatically come your way. 

Should succeeding as a B2B business be as hard as it is?

There’s an old adage that people often use to describe running a business: “success doesn’t come easy, nor does it come cheap.” This quote has been proven time and time again. It can be applied to all types of business endeavours but seems to suit B2B companies the most. Struggling to make it has become so common that entrepreneurs are known for barely getting any sleep just to bring in a profit. With the advent of technology, however, B2B companies have been granted an opportunity to surpass the rest of the competition. All you need is to do is leverage one incredible tool: inbound marketing.

Let’s face it: modern society thrives on instant gratification, doing anything and everything to attain success with the least amount of effort possible. Inbound marketing, in particular, has been regarded as a solution that caters to the modern B2B business owners’ need to succeed. 

Five inbound marketing hacks that every B2B marketer needs to know

Inbound marketing rewards only those who are can use it in an efficient and effective manner. If you’re looking to capitalize on the potential of your B2B business and start making business gains, here are a few inbound marketing hacks that you need to start using:


  1. Include in-depth content

You’ve probably heard this one before, but we’ll say it again for the people in the back: in-depth content can make a huge difference in whether your B2B company stands out. Google’s algorithm now places a greater emphasis on articles that go in detail, which means that long-form pieces are often more visible in the eyes of the public. 

Aside from improving search relevance for users, this move has proven beneficial in generating sales because detailed content easily satisfies modern consumers’ desire to learn more. With in-depth articles, you’ll be able to establish your B2B business as a reputable and knowledgeable source in the industry as well. After all, long-form articles typically contain details that can’t be found anywhere else. 


  1. Use recycled content

Contrary to popular belief, turning old written content into multimedia has been proven to be much more efficient for inbound marketing strategies. This is due to its mindful use of buzz-generating concepts that don’t slack on quality. By using great examples of content on more than one form of media, you’ll be able to drum up some interest from your target market online without having to push yourself to come up with new, novel concepts too often.

It is also worthwhile to create evergreen content (content that doesn’t get old) by pinpointing tips, tricks or industry advice that doesn’t get old and can always be applied to today’s work environment. Blogs that discuss yearly trends are also beneficial. 


  1. Curate your content

A great way to keep your B2B company’s customers engaged as much as possible while minimizing effort is to curate your page or feed with content that others have already created. By curating viral content, you’ll be able to gain even more traffic, add value to your pages, and convert your readers into customers of your B2B business.


  1. Add content upgrades for blog posts

As simple as this strategy may seem, adding a content upgrade (including more content, lengthening your list of tips, including better call to action buttons) to your existing blog posts is an effective way to increase the conversions that you’re making with numerous entries. That said, this trick only works with posts that already have some amount of traffic. Make sure that you only apply this strategy on your most successful, yet slightly aged posts. 


  1. Create FAQ-oriented content

Another effective inbound marketing strategy that many successful brands use is FAQ-oriented articles. This type of content will help you provide even greater perceived value in the eyes of a user or visitor. As a B2B company, chances are that you have a ton of frequently asked questions about your products, services, and other important points of information. Why not make your customer service team’s life easier while providing users with even more value by answering these questions with full articles?


There are so many ways to improve your inbound marketing tactics without putting too much time or effort into it. With our five hacks, you’ll be looking at a traffic increase in no time!

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