Camp Beer Co: Big, Bold Creative That Stands Out In A Crowded Craft Brewery Market

Camp Beer Co is a locally owned, community-based craft brewery and tasting room. Opening their doors in late 2019, the brewery boasts a relaxed, casual atmosphere and is the perfect meeting place in the Fraser Valley. Patrons can taste a variety of beers on site, most of which are lower in alcohol and high in flavour, with the option of bringing them home to enjoy as well. Camp Beer Co’s motto – beer is better outside – is reflected in both the interior and exterior design of the business as well as in the packaging.

BC boasts more than 170 craft breweries so when Camp Beer Co approached Blue Meta to help launch their new brand, we knew the stakes were high. Even though they had a concept for how they wanted to approach the market, along with a general idea for a logo, Camp Beer Co knew they needed creative support pulling everything together into something that would be big and bold enough to stand out in an already-crowded craft beer market.

“Our biggest challenge was how to create noise and be noticed,” said Kevin Larson, owner of Camp Beer Co. “We needed to be able to translate our ideas into an identity that our customers would fall in love with and would let us be seen and heard.”

As Camp Beer’ Co’s partner, Blue Meta’s challenge was coming up with strong creative that would translate into a brand that was strategic, scalable and applicable across a variety of mediums including digital, website and promotional campaigns.

Following a discovery meeting with Camp Beer Co, the team at Blue Meta recommended the following be implemented: brand strategy, logo, packaging design and artwork, promotional strategy, website and digital strategy. We also identified the requirement of having a solid plan in place that would engage early promoters. Since the Camp Beer Co brand would be prominently displayed across multiple mediums, consistency within the brand and its application was critical.

Following extensive research into the craft beer industry, including a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape and potential target market, Blue Meta began work on developing a strong visual language that would be complemented by a fun, approachable brand personality. These components were built into a brand guidelines package, which included all of Camp Beer Co’s creative assets, including packaging, building and way-finding signage, original designs as well as messaging and tone of voice that was to be used in all communications and across all platforms.

A website was built to showcase the new brand and the product offerings. A digital strategy directed users to the site so they could learn more about not only the company, the brewery and its products, but also about how to join the “Original Campers Club”, which offers members exclusive access to various perks.

Since the successful launch of the new brand and with strong sales among a loyal and growing customer base, Blue Meta has continued to work closely with Camp Beer Co on its branded marketing requirements while also managing its ongoing digital promotional strategy.

“We value our partnership with Blue Meta and all they’ve done to help us build and launch our new brand,” said Kevin Larsen. “From the beginning, they’ve listened to us and made our concept into something tangible that we could market across all mediums – and with highly successful results. We’re looking forward to continuing to work with them.”