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What Content Should be in a Content Strategy 

The first step to content marketing is auditing the current content and outlining how to best allocate resources to grow your online audience. A B2B and B2C company will have different goals and different ways to collect new customer data. Blue Meta can help you build an online blog, and create white papers and downloadable content pieces that build a highly engaged email list, or create stunning social content that helps build engagement.  

Content marketing services.

Grow your online presence through content marketing. In the current highly competitive digital landscape it is becoming harder and harder for a company to get the attention of it’s target market. Using well placed and data driven content can help any business get potential customers to visit their site without the need for disruptive marketing.

Let content generate more organic traffic for your company, turn that traffic into email sign ups or leads and engage with a hot list of people who are well versed in your industry and product or service. We can help you build a content strategy that creates long term growth for your business. 

As a full service marketing agency Blue Meta can help you with all of your marketing needs. Check out some of the other services we offer. Or talk to a digital marketing specialist about your company goals today!

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We measure each action to see what effect it has on your business. Improve your decision making using data and only focus on what matters. Content is measured through search engine optimization metrics. These metrics include page visitors, time on page, and email sign ups. We help your team build an effective dashboard to understand how your content is performing.  

With a focus on local and global search we can help your website rank number one for keywords that have high conversion rates in your industry. Our writers have helped get local realtors to the number one spot for keywords like “best realtor” and “top realtor”. Blue Meta can help you understand which keywords are a great fit for your company, then help you rank on Google using those keywords to improve your organic traffic.  

Blue Meta Digital Marketing Services 

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that makes providing high-quality, educational content that potential customers want the centerpiece of all marketing efforts.

The use of helpful content to make sales is not new. Brochures or fun television advertisements have been around for ages. But the idea that you can succeed as a business by primarily creating educational content is a relatively new concept that has been on the rise over the past 10 years--and proven it can get results.

Content marketing was developed in response to the decline in the effectiveness of traditional marketing strategies, which focus on interruption and casting a wide net.

Today's customer doesn't appreciate hard sales tactics or constantly seeing commercials for things they would never buy. They want to feel like they chose your brand. In order to feel this way, they need the information to make an informed decision. And increasingly, they want to get this information online.

What is Content Marketing?

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Building an Email List
The Internet is a distracting place. One minute you're looking for the perfect gift for Mother's Day, and the next minute you may be watching random top 10 videos on YouTube, having completely forgotten about your mother. 

It's too easy to move from one thing to another on the Internet. So to get results, businesses must have some way to re-engage customers and keep them coming back. Email does this well. And content marketing is the best way to build your email list.

First, you'll use content to attract visitors to your website by leveraging organic social media, pay per click, influencers, existing search engine visibility, and other content marketing distribution channels.

Once the person is on your site viewing content, you'll convince them to sign up for your email list by offering them something of high value they can’t get somewhere else.

One way to do this is through a 10X content pillar. This is a massive piece of content that is freely available on your website and covers everything there is to know about a certain topic.

This page is very easy to navigate. But it's also very long and packed with valuable information. So you give the viewer the option to download it and take it with them. To get the download, they sign up for your email list.

So now, a potential customer has a massive piece of content that will help them in the buying decision. But you also have their email, so you can re-engage them as a "captive audience" rather than simply relying on them coming back to your website or social media page.

Retargeting Your Content

Retargeting is another great way to recapture lost opportunities online. Like email marketing, it recognizes that the Internet is a distracting place and that people aren't always ready to buy now. But they may be ready a little later.

Retargeting ads are ads that you send to people who have been previously engaging with your content. These ads invite people back to your website to re-engage with content and your brand. So content becomes the lure that draws this visitor to your site, then retargeting gets them engaged to purchase your product or service.

Because the person receiving this communication is already familiar with your brand, they're much more likely to see these ads when they normally tune ads out. 

Retargeting increases click-through rates on these ads as well as conversions and retargeting ads often cost significantly less then cold audience ads.

Increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

When a brand keeps providing helpful content, customers start to see the brand as a go-to source when they have a question related to the brand's industry. So they continue to click on your website when it comes up in their search results. They also engage with your social media content. And they click on your emails.

All of these interactions increase your opportunities to share new products and services over many years.

Another way that content increases CLV is by increasing Average Order Value (AOV) and reducing return rate. When people review helpful content before making a purchase, they better understand how your product/service helps them and if it's right for them. So they're more likely to spend more and return for more. At the same time, because they knew what they were buying, they're less likely to return something or demand a refund.

As a bonus, this delighted customer is now a promoter for your brand, so their CLV extends beyond what they buy, including how their reviews and recommendation get others to buy and buy more.

Our Content Marketing Process has Four Steps:

Step 1 - Meet your new digital marketing account manager

Step 2 - In-depth analysis that audits your current content strategy 

Step 3 - Receive your data-driven custom strategy

Step 4 - Kick-off and get tangible results

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How Content Builds Your SEO & Brings Customers to Your Website

Content marketers use educational content to meet specific, measurable, and relevant marketing goals. Content gives followers on social media, email, and other channels something to look forward to. They click, and that drives traffic to your website.

Publishing content on your site increases the number of indexable pages you have for search engines. As you regularly publish and distribute high-quality content while applying other SEO best practices, your search engine visibility grows. As you earn more clicks and people continue to engage with your content, the online community and search engines take note. Great content keeps people on your site longer and invests them in your brand.

Your visibility keeps getting better with time and the use of high value keywords.

“I couldn’t be happier with the results we achieved. Blue Meta knew what they were talking about. I recommend Blue Meta to anyone looking for help whether it be a website, social media, or serious about growing their brand online”  

Corbin & Co. Real Estate

Corbin Chivers

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Educational vs Promotional Content

So you may be thinking, educational content is just content that softly sells my products/services. However, this is not the case. Content marketing is about offering the customer information for free and in an unbiased opinion. The goal is to create trust and brand recognition with your audience. Once the audience sees you as the place to go for top content in that industry they then perceive any sales material at a higher value when your brand is included. 

Educational content starts a conversation. It speaks with the target audience rather than speaking to them or at them. It attempts to be objective. And it offers up solutions to a target audiences' real problems, not fabricated ones. These lead people naturally to your products and services without a hard sell.

Promotional content is created primarily to sell something. Customers can tell by the language when promotional content is shared. And they're more likely to abandon the content regardless of how helpful it might have actually been. It’s best to think about content as giving what you can and only add your product or service in the article or conversation if it genuinely adds value to the conversation.

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Identify Audience
Blue Meta takes the time to understand the demographics and psychology of your customers. We help define their behaviors online while understanding their customer journey on your website. Through this understanding we can help build content and articles that are easy for them to find while defining where and how your target audience will read the content being created.  

Map User Buyer Journey 
In the case of content the buyer journey is an important step to ensure your company has content for every step of the buyer journey. Do you have content to create awareness, can you convert a user after they read an article? These are questions we ask, then we prioritize based on ROI for each item that needs to be created.  

Automate Through Technology 
As a full service marketing agency our in house team can help you write content, set up email marketing platforms, CRMs, and analytic platforms to help your team collect data in a way that works for you. 

Create and Launch Campaigns  
Once a strategy is in place our team will help you find the resources required to execute on that strategy. Creating paid and organic campaigns to build out short, medium, and long term goals. 

Continuously Improve 
We constantly a/b test all campaigns. There is always room to improve. We treat your business like our business and focus our efforts on your ROI.  

The Blue Meta Method

SEO Package

Our team of search engine optimization experts will complete keyword research. Then use outlined SEO tactics including content creation and website updates to help your site rank for the keywords that are right for your company. 

Blog Setup

A web specialist will set your website up with a new blog optimized for easy customer navigation.  


Content Strategy & Execution

A content strategist will complete a full content strategy with keyword research and competitor audit. Our team will then execute on a defined number of new content pieces per month.  

Customized Content Package

Talk to one of our strategy specialists today to get started using content marketing to build your owned audience, or execute an email campaign to keep your audience engaged. We work with you to define the best strategy for your marketing goals.  


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How Is Content Marketing Different from Digital Marketing?

Content marketing is not exclusive. You can make educational content the centerpiece of any digital marketing method:

    -  Social media marketing

    -  Email marketing

    -  Pay per click (PPC)

    -  Public relations

    -  Search engine optimization (SEO)

    -  Inbound marketing

    -  Influencer marketing

    -  Affiliate marketing

The thing that makes it content marketing is that you've decided to create educational content rather than focusing on promotional content.

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How to Build an Engaged Audience

Publishing content is not enough. You need strategies to build your audience past the basic information you share. To do this, you'll be completing several content marketing tasks:

  1. Researching - Research what your target audience is looking for.

  2. Planning & Strategy - Create a written plan for who creates content, how it is created, and how you use it to meet marketing goals. As part of this planning, create a publishing schedule that prioritizes publishing high-quality content across the channels you choose to target.

  3. Creation & Editing - Create the actual content. Then have a separate person review it to get feedback. The best content isn't created in an echo chamber. It's a collaboration of at least two people to ensure content is the highest quality possible.

  4. Publishing & Distribution - Distribute content consistently so that people look forward to seeing your content and sharing it.

  5. Audience building - As you share more content, use higher value content pieces to get email addresses or contact information from your top followers, this becomes your owned audience
  6. Interacting with people - (That's what you want!) - You want people to like, share, and comment on social media. You will need to interact with your customers to bring a human face to your brand.

  7. Re-engaging - People visit a site, leave, and never come back. Apply remarketing ads, email marketing, and influencer marketing to re-engage people.

  8. Creating a variety of content formats - Sometimes video is best. You also have courses, infographics, case studies, 1st person research, blog posts, eBooks, and more. Work with a variety of content types to engage and re-engage.

  9. Measuring and Optimizing - Set clear goals. Track performance and adjust what you're doing to maximize ROI.

Creating Email Campaigns to Improve Conversion

Content helped us build an email list. Now, it's time to put that email list to work.

To do this, you'll:

  • Segment your email so that you can send subscribers the content that is most relevant to them.

  • Make sure your emails look great on mobile.

  • Automate emails based upon behavioral triggers.

  • Schedule ahead, so they go out at the best times.

  • Share your most relevant content with your subscribers. Some of the content may actually be in the email, but it also guides them to your website to view more.

  • Add a mix of promotional content that gives the subscriber a reason to buy now.

  • Use analytics tools to keep an eye on your open rate, unsubscription rate, and click-through rate.

  • Run tests and optimize to reduce unsubscribes, increase opens, and improve the click-through rate.

  • Track what happens when a clicker gets to your website and create a clear conversion path.

  • Track your email marketing ROI and optimize everything from your headlines to timing to CTAs and offers to get the best results.

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Some Examples of Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about giving your customers what they want. That can vary depending on your target audience. So it's essential to research your audience and measure how they respond to your content marketing to find the right mix of content. 

eBook and Whitepapers 
E-books and whitepapers give your customers important industry info. They go into more detail than you might in a blog post. Because your audience can download them, they're available for on-the-go, offline reading.

The most effective eBooks and Whitepapers have information that people can't find easily on the Internet. Content marketers often leverage this content asset to obtain an email sign-up to continue to nurture a customer in a more controlled setting.

People can process complex information quickly with a graphic. They're a great way to share new tips people don't see everywhere.

Helpful graphics are some of the most shareable content. Because people process them so quickly, visuals produce automatic likes and shares, expanding reach and engagement on social media. 

A publication is a magazine-style compilation of helpful content. It's often printed and serves the purpose of giving customers something physical they can hold, take notes on, keep in their office for reference, and physically share. Publications work well for long-term growth because they stick around.

Blog Posts
Regular blogging on topics your audience is looking for can significantly increase your rankings in Google. They're great for SEO and give you something helpful to share on social media regularly.

Leverage the blog post to keep people coming back to your website and getting more invested with your brand.


Videos grab attention. They can communicate great meaning in just a few seconds and are very shareable. Use short videos to expand your reach. Then use longer videos for product/service demonstrations to help customers make a buying decision. Also, try live video. This unpolished, real-time, and more personable content allows you to relate to customers more interactively

Don't be afraid to "give away your secrets". It's easy to learn how to do something. It's hard to actually implement it successfully. Courses show people how you do what you do. They build trust that you know how to do it right. The fact that you make it look so easy convinces them of this

A publication is a magazine-style compilation of helpful content. It's often printed and serves the purpose of giving customers something physical they can hold, take notes on, keep in their office for reference, and physically share.

Publications work well for long-term growth because they stick around.

Today's customer buys experiences, not just a product. Product personalization turns an inanimate object into something that feels personal to your customers. And modern technology has made this possible.

Use augmented reality (AR) to show customers what a product will look like in their world, not just on a screen. Real-time display technology allows customers to customize the colors, textures, and patterns of a product to know what they're buying. Make it all mobile so that people can interact with products in-store and on their phones simultaneously.


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