Demand Gen Daily – Ep 11: 3 Innocent Mistakes That Lead to Poor Results

Mistakes happen, we all do them. But from those mistakes, we learn about how to do things better. We’ve done the learning for you in this case to identify 3 things that can lead to poor results.

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We discuss these key takeaways: 

  1. Missing the nuance – not spending enough time on the details which can also lead to not having enough budget. “Dipping your toe in to see if it works” usually is a surefire way to not doing enough to see the actual result you’re trying to achieve.
    1. Using a small budget and spreading it across too many tactics can also affect how you get results
  2. Not waiting long enough – if you pivot too quickly and optimize daily with small budgets, you can move further away from the results.
  3. Not looking at the metrics – make sure you’re looking at the right data points to make your decisions about your campaigns and marketing tactics. Evaluate CAC and LTV to ensure you’re putting the emphasis on the audiences driving most of your revenue.

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