Demand Gen Daily – Ep 13: Recession Means Market Opportunity

While the recession can be difficult on a business, it also brings about opportunities too if you look at it the right way.

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We discuss these key takeaways: 

  1. When layoffs are becoming more common, being able to prove your value is a huge consideration and leverage point.
  2. Look at ad costs – what are the trends in the industry as far as overall inventory goes? A lot of people will be pulling back their spending which means fewer competitors and lower ad costs.
  3. The opportunity to use marketing when the economy is fluctuating can allow you to actually grow more than your competitors as your competitors may be scaling back. 
  4. After Black Friday and Christmas, January may be a time when there is a significant opportunity when it comes to ad inventory to push your message hard and gain market share.

We are interested to see how Black Friday and Christmas buying behavior are impacted and what this means for marketers so we’d be interested to hear your two cents.

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