Demand Gen Daily – Ep 20: 5 Reasons You’ve Hit a Plateau in Results

If you’re scratching your head wondering why you’ve hit a plateau in results, it may be time to look internally. Nick and Ricky go in-depth on 5 things your marketing team may be lacking, which include:

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Here are some key takeaways from our discussion today:

  1. Awareness – cascading information and awareness of what works can help everyone understand what’s at play and pull towards the same goal
  2. Recognition or agreement to the importance of something – ensuring that the team is on the same page about the level of priority of certain projects or tasks. Rank order your priorities and have regular meetings to emphasize this with this team as well as highlight the potential monetary upside to working on higher priority projects.
  3. Perceived time – Going through the team’s calendars and workloads to allow for focus time to work on the higher priority projects to ensure it gets done. The organization is important to ensure you create the time you need.
  4. Skills or “how-to” – Ask different team members how long it may take them to complete a certain task. If the answer differs among the team may highlight a skills gap that may require additional training to get to the next level. This may require you to look outside of your company to bridge the knowledge gap.
  5. Interest or enthusiasm – If you have a team member that is less engaged, they may be less interested in ensuring the results are strong so working with them to find their enthusiasm again can help get them working on higher-priority projects

Look out for these issues in your team as they may be holding you back from getting results.

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