Demand Gen Daily – Ep 21: What to Consider Before Hiring an Agency – Part 1 – Planning For Success

Whether you’re looking to switch digital marketing agencies, or you’re looking to hire a digital marketing agency for the first time, it can be a daunting process with so many factors to consider. In this multi-part series, Nick and Ricky will detail how to hire a digital marketing agency and help you ensure you’re asking potential agencies the right questions.

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When looking for information about an agency’s ability to plan for success, these are the types of questions:

  1. How do you plan on analyzing current and historical data in our ad account?
    1. In this question, you’re trying to understand if they have a clear methodology, how they diagnose any constraints, and how they are going to be able to find new opportunities for you. As well, this is where you can gain an understanding of where the data lives and if you have ownership of the data if you discontinue working with them.
  2. Using the data, what is the unique plan or process that your agency uses to execute ideas and strategies?
    1. This question helps us understand agency ideation processes and the ability to strategize something that is tangible and that is going to deliver results. You’re looking for what steps they will take to develop the strategy, and what pivots they make to align the strategy to business goals as well as experience in how they manage budgets in times of uncertainty.
  3. What strategies and tactics will you to lower my customer acquisition costs and increase my lifetime value?
    1. You need to test their knowledge about CAC and LTV to ensure they understand these metrics as they are so important to the future of your business and your ability to hit business goals.
    2. If they haven’t brought up CAC and LTV until you’ve brought it up, this is a red flag. 

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