Demand Gen Daily – Ep 24: What to Consider Before Hiring an Agency – Part 4 – Reactivity vs Productivity

In the fourth installment of our ‘questions to ask an agency series’ Nick and Ricky discuss looking at if an agency is more proactive or reactive. These types of questions will allow you to understand how you as the client are being considered when it comes to planning and ensuring qualitative and quantitative data align with getting results.

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Here are the main questions we cover as well as some key takeaways: 

  1. How often is media allocation between channels being updated or reviewed?
    a. In our opinion media spending should be reviewed and reallocated monthly, quarterly, and annually to ensure you’re on the right track with your results.
    b. Consistency is the most important to see which changes are making an impact
  2. How far in advance should an agency be planning for things like Black Friday?
    a. Planning for bigger seasonal campaigns requires planning far in advance really matters so that you’re starting to target the funnel with different tactics to get the audiences ready for the time when you want them to purchase.
  3. How are my insights as a client considered when planning media and campaigns?
    a. This comes down to alignment with what the data is saying. You need client feedback and nuance to get a good understanding of what the client is trying to achieve and who is the right lead.
    b. The answer you’re looking for is ‘does their system or methodology where take the data you give them and combine it with the data coming from their marketing tactics? Ensure that the quantitative data and qualitative data line up and are working together. 
  4. Who is on my team?
    a. You want to know which job titles and names you will be working on your account because this shows that a well-balanced team all push towards your goals.
    b. Also, ask what each role’s involvement is in the process of working with you and how frequently they may be involved on your account. 

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