Demand Gen Daily – Ep 28: Our 2023 Predictions

This episode is all about our marketing-related predictions for 2023. How will marketers adapt their budgets as a reaction to the economy? How will AI impact creating marketing campaigns from a copy and design standpoint? These questions and more will be discussed as we prepare for the new year ahead.

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Here are some key takeaways from the episode:

  1. Likely marketing budgets are going to be cut back in Q1 of 2023, especially with media spending. With the shifts in the economy and inflation, results will be less year over year so this will cause marketers to want to retract budget from certain areas.
  2. General consensus is that the plan is to wait for a week or two into January and then start pushing harder on media spending to take market share away from competitors who have reduced their budgets. We have a great podcast episode that talks about budgeting and taking market share from the competition due to shifts in the market. Check it out here.
  3. Artificial intelligence is going to reach a new level of mass adoption. Lower prices to use certain AI platforms and software, it’s going to allow more users to adopt these technologies to enhance the general workforce.
    a. Adopting a person with machine methodology can help improve productivity per person and generate better results to use in marketing.
    b. A person is still needed to check for the nuance of the message or essence of the business. This can lead to false positives if you let AI just run unchecked and it spends its budget on ads that aren’t utilizing appropriate statements. 
  4. In the next 12-24 months, we’ll be seeing more adoption of AI technology in designing ad creatives. These platforms use data from Facebook and Google using data from your campaigns and your brand guidelines to build out a very cost-effective ad creative to use in marketing campaigns.
    a. More 3D-based design elements are likely to become more popular as well.  

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