Demand Gen Daily – Ep 30: AI & how to keeping your skill set current

Artificial Intelligence, and Chat GPT, are all things that have become increasingly hot-button topics in the industry recently. We’re going to discuss how AI won’t be taking your job just yet and what you can do to keep your skill set current in the wake of the growth of using AI for more and more marketing tactics.

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When there’s a disruptive technology that can potentially replace people or make jobs more efficient, the best thing to do is embrace it, learn it, and master it so that it works FOR you not AGAINST you. 

  1. Take some time and go to try to use some of the tools. Understand them and how they work. 
  2. Understand how to write prompts so that the AI can work for you. Google how to write prompts and test out the tools yourself to get a hang of it. 
  3. AI can be great to bounce creative ideas around to develop different campaign ideation concepts. It can become a useful tool to support the work you are doing.
  4. You can even ask Chat GPT how to use it – asking ‘how do I use you to do this function’ and it’ll tell you how to interact with itself to accomplish the result you’re looking for.
  5. You can also use AI for starting points to get the ball rolling on a project you are working on. 
  6. Get some creative training as these tools are essentially monetizing the execution so coming up with ideas that can resonate with the brand you’re working on can allow you to prompt the AI to execute the solutions you want.

Look at AI as a tactical confidant – ask it for the details that it can easily execute rather than using it to complete more complex things like developing strategy as the technology is not quite there yet.

The only thing we can do to secure our jobs is to learn how to use them and execute strategic ideas we come up with ourselves. The roles that are going to continue to exist in the workforce are the ones that are going to be able to work with AI.

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