Demand Gen Daily – Ep 32: Don’t lose the nuance in digital marketing

When you find yourself in situations where you’re not quite winning, the cause is likely the nuance is getting lost. This really comes down to communicating the critical piece of product or service unique to the market. If you’re not doing that you’re going to have a hard time generating success.

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When we talk about nuance, say keywords for example, if you were using a product keyword from the client’s website, you can put that into Google and run ads against it but if you don’t understand the nuance of that product, you won’t be able to understand whether it’s actually what you should be seeing or whether it’s incorrect. This could be causing lower results than what you were expecting.

To avoid this, make sure you have enough negative keywords, make sure to check your search terms report, you want to ensure that the output matches the input you’re giving it.

Missing the nuance could also be caused by looking at specific things too generally. Make sure you keep in mind the entire sales and marketing funnel to achieve success. You need to consider how many MQLs are coming from the marketing and then how far those leads make it in the marketing funnel – that determines how accurate your advertising is to driving quality leads through your funnel. 

Manually review all the form submissions to check if the leads that are coming through a landing page are legitimate. If you’re not sure, review them with the client to see the efficacy of the leads and get feedback on their quality of them. 

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