Demand Gen Daily – Ep 33: Should I be Selling on Amazon?

If you’re selling a physical product on e-commerce, 98.9% of e-commerce sellers on the internet can’t afford NOT to sell on Amazon. We discuss why.

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Most of us know of and how great it can be and how powerful of a company it is. – only the .com domain is bigger than all e-commerce platforms combined. They have only scaled and accelerated post-pandemic.

Depending on your product niche, competition can vary greatly from selling an iPhone case (very competitive) to more targeted product categories that are newer, much more niche, and easier to get a foothold into. There is a tremendous opportunity to sell on Amazon in these smaller niches to benefit your business and the longer you wait to get into the market on Amazon, the harder it’s going to be.

Let’s talk a bit about FBM vs FBA. FBM – Fulfilled by Merchant is where someone buys a product off Amazon and the merchant ships the product right to the consumer. FBA is where you have your products in an Amazon warehouse and Amazon ships the product to the consumer. 

If you are an FBM seller competing with an FBA seller, you’ll have a hard time going against them because Amazon is faster and cheaper than any solution that any third-party sender can have. 

Stay tuned for the other Amazon podcasts within our next series of episodes for more advanced discussions!

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