Demand Gen Daily – Ep 36: Amazon – Part 4 – Hero Shots

The hero shot is the first product image on an Amazon listing and also the first image that shows on Amazon results pages when you are searching for products.

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We call it the hero shot because you’re trying to get the best clickthrough possible. But how do you get the best hero shot? We’re going to talk about that.

Amazon’s terms of service specify a few things for the hero shot including:

  • Must have a white background
  • The product has to fill 85% of the frame
  • You can’t have any added graphics like ‘as seen on TV’, ‘100% guaranteed’ etc.

Most sellers adhere to this. And as a result, every product hero show looks the same, but there are ways to create a hero shot that won’t cause you to get delisted.

  1. Have great packaging on your product to stand out from 1) the white background and 2) stand out from the search results
  2. Experiment with putting the ingredients in the foreground and the packaging in the background
    a. You can get away with that because it’s the product that’s what is in the product itself

Push the envelope of what you can do with hero shots – you can work around the restrictions of the terms of service.

Testing out different hero shots is important and a great way to improve your clickthrough rates from search result pages. If you’re selling under 50 units a month, you’ll have to do this manually and test 3-6 sets of hero shots every 48 hours or each week, or each month to see which images impact the sales best. 

Stay tuned for the other Amazon podcasts within our next series of episodes for more advanced discussions! 

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