Demand Gen Daily – Ep 37: Amazon – Part 5 – Titles & Bullet Points Impact on SEO

One of the major factors in top-ranking products is the title and the keyword prioritization that the product title uses.

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Product Titles

You want your key phrase in the first spot in the product title. You can then add subsequent keywords after the phrase you want to rank for that can address associated keywords but adding them in order of value or profitability is important.

We know that the rules on Amazon state that you have to have your brand name listed first in the title, however, Amazon doesn’t say that you must do this. They don’t say you’ll get delisted if you don’t, it’s more of a guideline than a specific rule. The worst that can happen is that they will automatically reinsert your brand name in the first keyword in the title.

You can get everything else right but if you don’t get your title dialed in, you will significantly lose an advantage to competitors. 

Something to watch out for though is putting things like ‘paraben free’ in the first position of the title for a cosmetic product when in reality the phrase ‘paraben free’ isn’t what users are searching for. Putting this phrase later in the title will be a better place for it so your more profitable/ value keyword phrases appear earlier in the title for better SEO value. 

Another mistake marketers make is making the title so stuffed with keywords that they don’t actually say what the product does. This is so common so make sure to take a second look at your title and ask ‘would my consumer know what this is’ if they find it on the search page. 

Ensure you are using enough keywords in your title. Maximize the number of characters in your title because you’re likely giving up free sales.

Bullet Points

For a long time, the list has been broken up to be written for humans and written for SEO. The human section is written with the first 2-5 words in all caps so the human reader gets immediately what the product does or the best UVPs. The rest of the list is written in sentence case and written primarily for the search engine to read. BUT that being said, keyword prioritization is what matters most. 

Stay tuned for the other Amazon podcasts within our next series of episodes for more advanced discussions! 

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