Demand Gen Daily | Ep 42: Amazon – Part 10 – Winning with Amazon Product Launches: A Guide to Success

If you’re looking to launch a product on Amazon, you might assume that if you build it, they will come. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. To give your product the best chance of success, you need to develop a launch strategy that’s both intelligent and hyper-focused. In this episode of the Demand Gen Daily podcast hosts Nick and Jayce share their expertise on product launches on Amazon, with a particular focus on key strategies for winning the launch game.


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Key Takeaway 1: Don’t overlook the importance of a launch strategy

As Jayce notes in the podcast, a launch strategy is critical when it comes to launching a product on Amazon. This means coordinating your marketing efforts to focus on a specific 24-hour period and driving traffic to your listing through influencer marketing, reviews, promotions, and content marketing. By doing this, you can ensure that your product gets the attention it deserves right from the outset, boosting your chances of success.

Key Takeaway 2: Optimize your listing for maximum impact

In addition to coordinating your marketing efforts, you also need to ensure that your listing is optimized for maximum impact. This means paying attention to best practices, such as making sure your hero shot stands out among your competitors and obeying Amazon’s terms of service. You can also be creative with your listing, adding foreground elements to your content to make it more compelling.

Key Takeaway 3: Measure your session rates to gauge your success

Finally, it’s important to measure your session rates to gauge your success. Session rates refer to how much time someone spends on your listing, and if they’re jumping off in under seven seconds, you may have a problem with your title, hero shot, product image, or bullet points. By measuring your session rates, you can identify areas for improvement and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Using influencer marketing in your product launch strategy can help increase the launch of the new product, especially if your listing is getting a lot of reviews and traction within a 12-hour period compared to a week-long time frame.

Launching a product on Amazon requires more than just building a good product and hoping for the best. You need a launch strategy that’s intelligent, hyper-focused, and optimized for maximum impact. By coordinating your marketing efforts, optimizing your listing, and measuring your session rates, you can give your product the best chance of success on Amazon.

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