Demand Gen Daily – Ep 9: How to Win in a Recession – Part 4 – Pivot to Digital Marketing

Behaviours have changed prompted by COVID-19 and now going into a recession, consumer behaviours are still shifting because of the current environment.

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👉 We discuss how digital advertising is more prominent than ever as well as these key takeaways:

  1. Digital will outgrow everything – it will continue to be a primary channel for marketing tactics
  2. The measurement from digital advertising is key to how you can move through the recession
  3. You need to make the virtual experience as personal and custom as possible to make consumers feel special
  4. Perfect content is boring. High-production value content won’t cut it anymore, you need to have content that is more humanized.
  5. People are buying from people, not companies where you don’t know someone’s name.

Attention online is greater than have ever been but it’s being spread across more platforms so the need to be on a variety of platforms is needed to get in front of your consumers. 

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You can also find the downloadable whitepaper about this discussion here.

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