Demand Gen Daily

Our fearless leaders Nick Bideshi (CEO) and Ricky Bandelin (CMO) are back on the air waves with a new podcast: Demand Gen Daily.

Demand Gen Daily was started from an idea that business owners and entrepreneurs are always looking for quick hits of information that can help them improve their business. We didn’t want to develop a standard podcast that was 45 mins to an hour long, we wanted something that was quick, easy to understand and got right to the point about the topic of the day.

By listening to our daily episodes, you’ll hopefully learn something new that you can apply to your business. Some of the things we’ll be discussing include getting onto Amazon and running Amazon ads, customer lifetime value and customer acquisition cost and you can use it to gain market share, how to grow your business during a recession and more.

We welcome questions from our subscribers and love to turn those into topics for a future episode so if you’re ever wondering about something or have a question about what to do in a certain scenario, reach out and we’ll answer!

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