Ep. 3 – Brittany Hardy | Empty Desk Solutions

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Brittany Hardy, the Founder and Owner of Empty Desk Solutions didn’t start out like most 20 somethings. She went from managing tanning salons, to having a child, to landing a marketing job with no formal marketing education and ending where she is today: a successful entrepreneur with her own social media marketing agency. Our conversation follows Brittany’s journey, discussing the fear of failure, hard work and success, and some business talk about in-house vs outsourcing. Let us know what you think!

Hard work is being able to see that bigger picture and make a plan of how you’re gonna get there and achieve the goals along the way.

– Brittany Hardy, Empty Desk Solutions

In this show we discuss:

  • How Brittany got her start in business and used each opportunity to grow and learn to get her where she is now: the Founder of Empty Desk Solutions.
  • What Brittany did to discover what it was she was good at and what could make a good business opportunity.
  • The benefits of having your own business, battling the fear of failure, being judged and recognizing that all you have to do is start with something to motivate you to move forward.
  • Discussion around success and hard work. While it is subjective we had some great conversation about different factors, how it differs for each person and no one is an overnight success.
  • Advice on starting a business as a single parent.


Show Notes and Links

Connect with Brittany: Website | FacebookInstagram | Twitter |

  • Introduction [0:00]
  • Brittany’s background, how she got started and how her different job positions lead her to building Empty Desk Solutions [0:37]
  • Starting her own business and where the inspiration for Empty Desk Solutions came from [4:00]
  • Identifying social media marketing as something that could work [6:04]
  • The demand for social media marketing catapulted Brittany’s career [8:26]
  • Benefits of owning your own business [9:24]
  • The fear of failure but all you have to do is start [11:32]
  • Single parenting builds up your resilience to tackle life as it comes at you [14:43]
  • It’s not luck, it’s hard work [17:15]
  • Brittany’s perspective on hard work [19:28]
  • Happiness is the outcome and defining how you’re going to achieve that [21:53]
  • You are always able to change your perspective. Nothing is set in stone [22:41]
  • Just start. The rest of the details will fall into place [25:26]
  • Progression over perfection [26:52]
  • Everything is a test. Using iteration to determine which avenues are the best ways to achieve goals and KPIs for a client [29:33]
  • The discussion around doing things in-house vs outsourcing it [32:11]
  • What success looks like [42:54]
  • Advice for single parents looking to start a business [47:12]


Check out the video below if you prefer to watch our conversation: