Ep. 4 – Wes Barker | Stunt Magician

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Wes Barker, self proclaimed as the funniest man in Canada is also known as the Stunt Magician. Wes uses design and digital marketing skills to cultivate a strong online following that leads to stronger in person ticket sales. Follow along as Wes shares how he promotes himself online, builds a brand, and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Understand how this magician handles the limelight and how he sets goals now that he has started to achieve what he set out to accomplish.

No matter what happens, you can always still get a job.

– Wes Barker, Stunt Magician

In this show we discuss:

  • How Wes became a viral Youtube magician and the work it took to become an “overnight success”
  • What Wes did to cultivate his audience and grow his Youtube brand leading to more in person gigs
  • The effects and changes of social media on a brand
  • Setting successful goals and what success looks like when you have finally made it
  • Advice on how to handle negative social comments

Check out the video below if you prefer to watch our conversation:

Show Notes and Links

Connect with Wes: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube |

  • Introduction to Wes Barker [0:00]
  • Understanding how Wes got into magic, how a promotion turned into quitting his job [0:35] 
  • Taking the leap to become an entrepreneur [4:47]
  • How to harness the motivation of a low paying position [7:25]
  • How to book gigs when you’re just starting out [10:50]
  • How Wes got his first viral Youtube video [12:56] 
  • The definition of special [16:30]
  • The Wes brand of magic [18:30]
  • Advice on social media and how to prepare for negative comments [25:00]
  • Finding the right audience the career advice you should and should not take [26:57]
  • Is failing really as bad as you think it is? [30:25]
  • Stand out career moments for Wes [33:15]
  • As your career grows your successful moments get further apart [38:22]
  • The definition of success and how to maintain it [41:50]
  • Don’t gauge your success on another person’s social media feed [47:40]
  • Learning on the job [49:20]
  • The changes in digital marketing and how to keep up [51:45]
  • The next career goals for Wes [57:15]
  • Finding the right audience [58:55]
  • A magic trick from Wes to end the show [1:01:31]