Ep. 5 – Maz Artang | Aughdem Recruitment

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Maz Artang started Aughdem Recruitment because something was missing in the hospitality recruitment business. The first 6 months were a struggle but the leap was worth the effort. Aughdem has started to scale across Canada and Maz explains the difficulty in scaling and how the government plays a large role in how a small business operates.

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Show Notes and Links

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  • Introduction to Maz Artang and how he got the idea for Aughdem Recruitment [0:00]
  • The difficulty in starting a business and the cost advice you need [5:32]
  • Cash flow and the sales cycle process for a new business [7:00]
  • The first 6 months of owning a business [7:50]
  • Using referrals to create a business network [8:23]
  • The commonality of interests to break into a new industry [8:58]
  • How do you process the right person or hire – keep it casual [10:40]
  • The specific role and how to fill it [12:58]
  • Do the right thing and choose the best opportunity [15:30]
  • Using market research to build your product or offering [16:55]
  • Long vs short term goals of business [17:20]
  • How to maintain the culture and service as Aughdem scales [19:15]
  • The measured cost of turnover and why companies should use a recruiter [22:10]
  • The current job market in Toronto and BC [26:10]
  • The pro’s and con’s of working in the city vs the suburbs [30:07] 
  • A big tip for new business owners! [34:05]
  • Don’t take rejection personally [38:54]
  • The dynamic of your working group and how to keep it successful [41:23]
  • The more knowledgeable you are the more risk you see [42:20]
  • The difficulty of scaling in hospitality [44:00]
  • Changes to payroll costs in BC [45:52]
  • Business acumen and the cost of being a small business owner [50:55]
  • Market conditions for new business owners [52:10]
  • The incorporation loophole in business [58:18]
  • You shoulder the burden of your business’s cash flow [58:35]
  • How Maz defines success and what it’s like truly owning your own business [1:04:00]