Ep. 5 – Maz Artang | Aughdem Recruitment

Nick Bideshi


Maz Artang started Aughdem Recruitment because something was missing in the hospitality recruitment business. We discuss the difficulty in scaling businesses and how taking the leap can pay off.

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Maz Artang started Aughdem Recruitment because something was missing in the hospitality recruitment business. The first 6 months were a struggle but the leap was worth the effort. Aughdem has started to scale across Canada and Maz explains the difficulty in scaling and how the government plays a large role in how a small business operates.

Check out the video below if you prefer to watch our conversation:

Show Notes and Links

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  • Introduction to Maz Artang and how he got the idea for Aughdem Recruitment [0:00]
  • The difficulty in starting a business and the cost advice you need [5:32]
  • Cash flow and the sales cycle process for a new business [7:00]
  • The first 6 months of owning a business [7:50]
  • Using referrals to create a business network [8:23]
  • The commonality of interests to break into a new industry [8:58]
  • How do you process the right person or hire – keep it casual [10:40]
  • The specific role and how to fill it [12:58]
  • Do the right thing and choose the best opportunity [15:30]
  • Using market research to build your product or offering [16:55]
  • Long vs short term goals of business [17:20]
  • How to maintain the culture and service as Aughdem scales [19:15]
  • The measured cost of turnover and why companies should use a recruiter [22:10]
  • The current job market in Toronto and BC [26:10]
  • The pro’s and con’s of working in the city vs the suburbs [30:07] 
  • A big tip for new business owners! [34:05]
  • Don’t take rejection personally [38:54]
  • The dynamic of your working group and how to keep it successful [41:23]
  • The more knowledgeable you are the more risk you see [42:20]
  • The difficulty of scaling in hospitality [44:00]
  • Changes to payroll costs in BC [45:52]
  • Business acumen and the cost of being a small business owner [50:55]
  • Market conditions for new business owners [52:10]
  • The incorporation loophole in business [58:18]
  • You shoulder the burden of your business’s cash flow [58:35]
  • How Maz defines success and what it’s like truly owning your own business [1:04:00]

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