Ep. 6 – Steffen Janzen | Picnic Creative

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Steffen’s company Picnic focuses on a niche food category and was started because of Steffen’s unique talents and passions. The team breaks down the importance of ethics and emotion in advertising and discusses the changes and problems that arise with social media marketing.

In this show we discuss:

  • How Picnic Creative, a niche creative agency, got started in the food industry
  • Understanding the ethics and emotional intelligence involved in marketing 
  • Merging passions and talent together to create the ideal working environment
  • How micro influencers are rising because of a need for authenticity

Check out the video below if you prefer to watch our conversation:


Show Notes and Links

Connect with Steffen: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin |

  • Introduction to Picnic Creative (0:00)
  • Introduction to Steffen (1:15)
  • How Steffen merged data with creative to open his own business (5:30)
  • Using efficacy to frame the values of Picnic creative (6:40)
  • Top things to know to start a company (8:30)
  • Most important thing to note in a business relationship (10:00)
  • Steffen’s definition of success (11:20)
  • Decisions that helped Steffen grow in his career (13:40)
  • Understanding emotional intelligence in business (16:40)
  • Emotional intelligence and ethics in marketing (19:35) 
  • How marketing can help a good brand (23:49)
  • Authenticity in digital and social marketing (25:00)
  • Trend in micro influencer’s and content creation (27:00)
  • When an ad hits the right target market (28:11)
  • The reality of marketing and authenticity (30:05) 
  • Creating a legacy idea (33:45)
  • How to handle the startup life (34:15)
  • Always run lean when starting a business (37:45)
  • Using a support network to start your business (39:00)
  • Appreciating distraction less time (42:55)
  • Betting time and money to become an entrepreneur (43:45)