Ep. 7 – Glen Hutton | Fuggles & Warlock

Glen Hutton sits down with our New Meta team to talk about How Fuggles & Warlock is looking at branding as a growing company.

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In New Meta episode 7 Nick and Aaron sit down with Fuggles & Warlock owner Glen. In this episode the guys cover how the brand is changing as they grow and learning to create consistency in their design. And outlining the changes in the craft brewery industry and how the changes affect the brand as it grows.

In this show we discuss:

  • How Fuggles & Warlock keeps their branding consistent as they grow
  • How to find and understand their customers as they consistently create new products 
  • Competition in the craft brewery industry and how to use it to your advantage
  • Building a brand to last through the changes in the industry

Check out the video below if you prefer to watch our conversation:


Show Notes and Links

Connect with Glen: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin |

  • Introduction to Glen owner of Fuggles & Warlock (0:00)
  • Struggles entering a growing market (2:02)
  • Keeping with your niche (3:26)
  • Keeping the brand strong (4:04)
  • Branding as your company grows (6:02)
  • Attracting a wider audience (7:06)
  • Creating brand recognition as your business grows (8:46)
  • Creating exclusive products for your brand (12:17)
  • Competition can improve your business (15:15)
  • Constantly evolving product lines (21:01)
  • The importance of product line margins (23:44)
  • Give the market what it wants (25:19)
  • Different product offerings (26:35)
  • Entering the market at the right time (28:49)
  • Flooding the industry (29:59)
  • Getting in the market at the right time (31:58)
  • Building a brand to last (32:57)
  • The important parts of your business (33:56)
  • Doing the right market research (36:05)
  • Helping customers discover new products (37:54)
  • Different customer demographics (39:29)
  • Know which market you don’t want to play in (41:13)