Ep. 8 – Paul | Three Peaks

Paul sits down with the Blue Meta team to discuss promoting a company to bring in the best talent. Using social and values to create a winning culture.

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In New Meta episode 8 Nick and Ricky sit down with Paul from Three Peaks Health. In this episode, the team discusses best practices to promote company culture and attract top employment. Using company values they cover the importance of sharing company culture on social media to help create a stronger community.

In this show we discuss:

  • How Three Peaks creates a company culture to capture top employees
  • Using social media to create a community
  • The use of content for promotional purposes

Check out the video below if you prefer to watch our conversation:


Show Notes and Links

Connect with Paul: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin |

  • Introduction to Paul owner of Three Peaks (0:00)
  • How do you attract high-quality employees? (06:13)
  • How do you know when to hire quickly? (08:38)
  • How do you know you found a high-quality hire? (10:46)
  • How do you know you’re being a good leader? (12:22)
  • How do you prioritize urgent vs. important in business? (13:39)
  • Can you discuss mental health with your employees? (16:11)
  • Do you know the difference between sympathy and empathy? (17:20)
  • How do you keep your company culture strong? (19:14)
  • Is it free perks or company culture? (21:43)
  • How do you keep changing to stay relevant in your industry? (23:17)
  • What do you do when things don’t go your way? (26:47)
  • How to attract new clients? (28:37)
  • How do you use Facebook to reach customers? (29:32)
  • How do you create a community for your business? (30:18)
  • Does your company use referrals? (34:28)
  • How do you display your quality of business? (35:09)
  • How do you capture a busy consumer’s attention? (35:54)
  • How do you keep your website consistently updated? (36:59)
  • How would potential customers judge your website? (37:43)
  • Should your company be blogging? (38:31)
  • When should your company start marketing? (39:37)
  • What does offline marketing look like today? (41:08)
  • How do you brand your business? (42:11)
  • What do you do with business advice? (43:48)
  • What is the best advice for new entrepreneurs? (47:07)
  • How do you play the long term business game? (48:03)
  • Do you love what you do? (49:22)
  • How do you find industry experts? (49:57)