Ep. 9 – Chris Hardwick | TEC Canada

In New Meta episode 9 Nick chats with TEC Chair Chris Hardwick on business through a pandemic.

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In New Meta episode 9 Nick chats with TEC Chair Chris Hardwick on business through a pandemic. Get advice as a business owner on how to move ahead as the pandemic changes consumer behavior and the way people communicate and interact with each other. Take a measured data-driven approach to cut marketing costs. The duo covers everything from cash flow to how to position your sales and marketing team to get the best growth through and after this global pandemic.

In this show we discuss:

  • How to handle the current pandemic and what to look for when cutting the marketing budget
  • The connection between sales and marketing
  • What to do as a business to pivot and grow past the pandemic
  • How fear is affecting the economy 
  • How to look at your business with a data-backed mindset
  • How the marketing industry should growth when the pandemic is over

Check out the video below if you prefer to watch our conversation:


Show Notes and Links

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  • Introduction to Chris (0:00)
  • Business owners helping business owners (15:17)
  • Why having a peer group is important (16:59)
  • Having intentional business conversations (18:46)
  • A lack of planning in business (19:55)
  • Re-evaluating business after COVID19 (22:22)
  • The new way to look at office space on the P&L (25:46)
  • How marketing, sales & finance work together (28:13)
  • Assessing your marketing budget (30:17)
  • The changes to your corporate marketing (32:31)
  • Do you know what your marketing is doing? (34:39)
  • Using data not intuition to make decisions (36:15)
  • Creating a partnership with sales & marketing (38:52)
  • When your sales team has to cover your marketing (41:12)
  • Increase the marketing teams effectiveness (42:40)
  • Cutting marketing budgets using data (44:22)
  • Learning to measure your results with technology (47:47)
  • A break down in the marketing industry (49:41)
  • The opportunity to cut non-essential expenses (51:07)
  • How the pandemic has affected business (53:24)