How to Market an Esport Gaming Tournament

Esports has made waves worldwide, especially for the millennial generation. And why not? Online gamers love competition. There are constantly organized online and offline competitions held in every corner of the world. But if you wish to host a tournament of your own, how do you advertise it?

It’s a total no-brainer. Where else to market but online? Online gamers interact through the internet and even compete using it. Therefore, the best way to market an esports gaming tournament is with the help of the power of the internet.

The internet contains a  congregation of social media platforms that you can resort to using when you market your esports tournament. Here are a few marketing strategies you can employ with the help of social media platforms:


YouTube Advertising

YouTube is one of the best social media platforms that you can use to market an esports event. You do not necessarily have to create a channel (although it is highly suggested that you do so as it will pay off in the long run) to market an esport tournament. You can merely advertise the event using the YouTube section within Google Ads. Another great way to get the word out is to work with YouTubers in the gaming niche. They have follower bases filled with exactly the right people for you to reach and are, therefore, perfect for advertising for your gaming event. In exchange, you can sponsor one of their videos. It’s a win-win for both parties!


Twitch Advertising

Another social media platform that you can’t discount for this type of event is Twitch. Twitch is a popular online service for watching and streaming digital video broadcasts. There are millions of gamers watching streams of gaming events and tournaments on this platform every single day! Thus, with Twitch, you can come up with an ad for your event and have it targeted to a particular audience.


Facebook Advertising

Since Facebook is commonly used worldwide, it’s a great platform to use for advertising your esports gaming tournaments or events. The good thing about Facebook is that it allows you to create and post an ad, and even share it with the public, your friends or a specific group. With Facebook, you can also have access to in depth targeting options.  It’s best that you target a very specific audience with your advertisement so make sure to add geographic targeting to your ad and also add interest targeting but selecting esports related interests to your targeting parameters. That way, you are reaching those who are interested in esports and are more likely to convert.


Twitter Ads

Since tons of gamers make use of Twitter as their primary social media network, this platform can be a source of excellent advertising opportunity. A lot of gamers socialize online through Twitter. Thus, most of the organizing of online tournaments is done through Twitter.  You can set up your ads on Twitter to target specific hashtags to ensure users interested in gaming are the only ones getting your ads. Aside from this, esports organizers can help out each other by retweeting each other’s posts. In a way, Twitter is terrific for word-of-mouth marketing, despite it being online.


Google Ads

Lastly, you can employ Google Ads in marketing your esports gaming tournament. Google Ads is the most potent advertising solution the internet has to offer. How does it work? Google Ads is an advertising service by Google that allows businesses to display their ads. In this case, you may create an advertisement for your esports gaming tournaments through Google Ads and let Google work its magic!


If you are looking for help in advertising your upcoming esports tournament, get in touch! We have experience in getting in front of gamers in the most effective ways possible.