Lead Generation Strategies for Your Business – Our Guide

As marketers, it is crucial to be able to recognize changes in consumer habits to match what current and potential customers will want and need. This approach will bring in more high-quality leads, which will bring you better sales opportunities. It’s essential to your business that your lead generation campaigns are effective.

We’ve put together some of the tactics you can use to increase lead generation:


Email Marketing

Email has one of the highest ROI’s of any marketing tool – $40 return for each $1 you invest. Creating a list can take time but is well worth the reward. You can use content to help create an email list. Set up e-books, white papers, or downloadable content on the best performing pages on your site. Make sure to also include a blog sign up or pop up on your page so your new viewers can sign up for your list if they like the content they see. Blog sign ups are of the highest quality and should be handled with care.

Now that your email list has started to grow continue to engage with your content lead list and blog sign up list. Use higher quality content to increase list engagement. Use content like live webinars to create a relationship with your list.

Scrub your email list for highly engaged followers (pulling out any current customers) and send a personalized email to each engaged follower that has opened and clicked your last few pieces of content. Give them an offer to test or see your product or service in action. Use the information you have learned from the content they engaged with the most to personalize their experience further.


Start Blogging

If you haven’t started a blog already, it is a great way to build your website’s visibility. It’s also a great way to build better trust in your brand and inform readers on what you do as a company. You can use your blog to subtly promote your product or service to potential customers. Your blog will nurture any new leads that come to your website for information. Be sure to include engaging calls to action and links to your social media platforms.

Use your blog to gauge what content your customers want to read. Take your best blog page and write tips or create a visual that will enhance your viewers experience with your brand or the topics they are interested in. Use that content as a downloadable piece to build your email list.


Social Media Upkeep

No matter what social media platforms you sign your business up for, you will want to make a habit of posting consistently. Share any relevant content from others and include your content as well. Attracting loyal followers will help you build relationships and drive your metrics-up. Social media gives you the chance to engage and interact with your followers directly, building trust and a better relationship with your customers.

Using your social media channels to share updates and promotions will increase interest in your online community. Allow customers to comment and review your services or products, reply to comments to keep your audience actively engaged.
Use contests to help build followers and engagement further. Partnering with other companies in your vertical will help increase your online following and helps build further engagement on your posts. Partner with brands that compliment your product or service and keep contests infrequent so it feels more organic to your followers.


Increase Engagement

By using these tips, you will be able to increase your followers engagement with your brand. Make it easy for your followers to engage with you, and make contacting your company as simple as possible. Make sure that your “Contact Us” section can be easily found and is where a customer would expect to look for a contact us page (ie. top right of your websites navigation, and add to the bottom footer of your page). On social media pages, make sure to fill in your contact information, make it easy for people to click a link or button to direct their phone to dial your company instantly.


If you’re looking for an experienced digital marketing agency to help with your lead generation, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help craft the perfect marketing plan for your business.