Lead Generation Strategies for Your Business – Our Guide

Ricky Bandelin


Lead generation is important for any business. We’ve put together a list of tactics that you can utilize in your marketing strategy that are able to increase the number of leads coming into your sales funnel.

If you are hoping to keep your clients and customers happy, you need to be on top of changes in consumer habits. Expectations today are a lot different than how they used to be many years ago.

As marketers, it is crucial to be able to recognize these changes to match what current and potential customers might want and need. This will bring in more high-quality leads which will bring you better sales opportunities. It is essential that your lead generation campaigns are effective.

We’ve put together some of the tactics you can use to increase lead generation:


Email Marketing

Since email marketing starts with outreach to potential clients and leads, you will need to create a targeted list of prospects that match your demographic. You will then want to send them a personalized email based on the information you’ve collected.

Email marketing provides a tremendous opportunity to research your target audience, making it a great channel for lead generation. By first sending emails to your current customers, you will be able to initiate a conversation while following up on the audiences that your branding attracts to figure out who you want to try to draw in terms of possible prospects.


Start Blogging

If you haven’t started a blog already, it is a great way to build your website’s visibility and use your Google keywords. It’s also a great way to build better trust in your brand and inform readers on what you do as a company as well as other related subjects and topics that might have to do with your products and services. You will also be nurturing any new leads that might be coming to your website for information. Be sure to include engaging calls to action and links to your social media or any other platforms that visitors can find you at.


Social Media Upkeep

No matter what social media platforms you sign your business up for, you will want to make a habit of posting regularly. Share any relevant content from others and include your content as well. Attracting loyal followers will help you build relationships and drive your metrics up. Social media gives you the chance to engage and interact with your followers directly, building trust and a better relationship with your customers.

Using your social media channels to share updates and promotions will increase interest in your online community. Allow customers to comment and review your services or products, and reply to them so that they know you are active. It will also show that you care about what your customers have to say about your final product and business.


Increase Engagement

By using these tips, you will be able to get your followers and visitors to engage with you. Give them the option to contact you more easily and quickly. Make sure that your “Contact Us” section can be easily found and is right where anyone would expect it to be. On social media pages, make sure to fill in your contact info, make it easy for people to click a link or button to direct your phone to the dial function and call you automatically.


If you’re looking for an experienced digital marketing agency to help with your lead generation, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help craft the perfect marketing plan for your business.



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