Ep. 11 – Jeff Ingram | Ingram Mortgage Team

In New Meta episode 11, Nick chats with local business owner Jeff Ingram from the Ingram Mortgage team about mortgage rates, investments, and the pandemic.

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In New Meta episode 11, Nick sits down with Jeff Ingram, a local Cloverdale mortgage broker from the Ingram Mortgage Team to talk about how mortgage rates are being affected by the pandemic. Jeff knows about the changing of mortgage rates, and how this affects home buyers, investors, and even business owners.

In this show we discuss:

  • Variable rate vs fixed rate mortgages
  • Concern about negative interest rates
  • The affects of the pandemic on small business
  • What to expect with your property investments

Check out the video below if you prefer to watch our conversation:

Show Notes and Links

Connect with Jeff: Website | Facebook

  • Introduction to Jeff Ingram (0:00)
  • How Rates are Reflecting in the Mortgage World (1:13)
  • Variable vs Fixed Rate Mortgages (4:20)
  • Loans, Debt Consolidation, & Payment Deferrals (7:10)
  • Issues for Renters / Impacts on House Sales (12:36)
  • Mortgage Renewals (14:30)
  • Unemployment’s Impacts on Property Values (16:42) 
  • Mortgage / Investment Projections (19:40)
  • Good Businesses Aren’t Panicking (23:14)
  • Paying Penalties to end Terms Early (25:19)
  • How Busy in the Mortgage Industry? (30:39) 
  • Zero or Negative Interest Rates (32:34)
  • Stay Calm & Do Your Market Research (34:40)