Ep. 13 – Tyson Ediger | Drake Meats

In New Meta episode 13, Blue Meta CEO Nick Bideshi chats with Tyson Ediger, the Marketing Manager of Drake Meats.

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In New Meta episode 13, Blue Meta CEO Nick Bideshi and CMO Ricky Bandelin chat with the Marketing Manager of Drake Meats, Tyson Ediger. Drake Meats has been in his family for over 70 years, but they recently decided to enter the ecommerce with their new Jerky In A Box subscription line. Nick and Ricky chat with Tyson about the Jerky In A Box Launch, as well as ecommerce and its future post COVID-19.

In this show we discuss:

  • How Jerky In A Box came to be
  • How to be successful in ecommcerce
  • How to prepare for Black Friday and the holiday shopping season
  • How consumer behaviour may change after COVID

Check out the video below if you prefer to watch our conversation:

Connect with Drake Meats: Website | Facebook | Instagram

  • Introduction with Tyson (0:00)
  • How the pandemic affected Drake Meats (1:45)
  • How Drake Meats created Jerky In A Box (5:30)
  • Importance of having high quality products and branding for ecommerce (9:15)
  • Using ecommerce and digital marketing to scale up the business (11:20)
  • Building the digital foundation of Jerky In A Box (14:20)
  • Jerky In A Box’s need for a marketing agency for measurable marketing (17:30)
  • Black Friday / Holiday season is when people are ready to buy (20:48)
  • Scaling operations to keep up with scaling sales (23:20)
  • When Drake Meats knew Jerky In A Box could be successful (30:10)
  • The subscription model (31:00)
  • How consumer behavior change post pandemic (34:00)
  • Good customer service can reduce the risk of ecommerce purchases (37:12)