Ep. 10 – Corbin Chivers | Call Corbin

In New Meta episode 10 Nick chats with local business owner Corbin Chivers about how the Pandemic is affecting his business. 

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In New Meta episode 10 Nick sits down with Corbin Chivers, a local Surrey & Langley realtor, to talk about how the market is being affected by the pandemic. Corbin outlines what home buyers and sellers should be looking out for and discusses the changes in the housing market. The team also discusses what to do as a small business during the pandemic with the key message: do not panic. Check out what these two business owners have to say about making it through these turbulent times.

In this show we discuss:

  • Effects of the pandemic on the BC housing market
  • How the pandemic is affecting small businesses 
  • The need and effects of cutting your marketing budget
  • What to know as a landlord or tenant during the pandemic

Check out the video below if you prefer to watch our conversation:


Show Notes and Links

Connect with Corbin: Instagram | Website | Facebook

  • Introduction to Corbin Chivers (0:00)
  • Did all of the jobs disappear? (2:02)
  • Relief for small businesses (3:26)
  • How the housing market has been effected (4:04)
  • Why are people rushing to buy a home? (6:02)
  • The restaurant industry (7:06)
  • How gyms are being affected (8:46) 
  • How the banks are helping with mortgage payments (12:17)
  • Self employment and the CERB payment (15:15)
  • How you can help small businesses (21:01)
  • How to cut costs as a small business (23:44) 
  • How to help your employees through the pandemic (23:44)
  • Should you be cutting your marketing costs? (25:19)
  • How to innovate your business (26:35)
  • What revenue growth should you be looking for (28:49)
  • How to keep competitive in this market (29:59)
  • How to help your family through the pandemic (31:58)
  • Creating a budget and keeping it comfortable (32:57)
  • The effects on the luxury goods market (33:56) 
  • How to help tenants with job loss (36:05)
  • The eviction process during the pandemic (37:54)
  • What to know as a tenant (39:29)
  • A little bit of advice from two business owners (41:56)