The Benefits of Hiring an Inbound Marketing Firm for Your Social Media

Nowadays, if you’re missing an inbound marketing strategy from your overall marketing tactics, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Inbound marketing uses things like social media marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads and more to funnel more users into your sales funnel. 

It can be overwhelming to comprehend all of the items that should be executed within an inbound marketing strategy, especially when you aren’t familiar with how to execute them so they perform well and bring in the volume of leads you’d want. This is when hiring an inbound marketing firm can come in handy, especially if you’re struggling with managing your social media. In this blog, we cover 4 ways you can benefit from hiring a firm. 


Consistent Social Media Marketing Activities

When it comes to marketing and promotion, consistency is key, even more so when it comes to your social media. We’ve come across several companies who have social media accounts but can’t maintain a consistent message/ posting schedule for more than a couple months. Very few companies have a dedicated social media staff member to ensure the social accounts are maintained on a regular basis. Too frequently important business concerns arise and social media posts get put on the back burner to focus on core business activities instead. This hinders the growth of your social followers and can affect your relevancy if you leave social lying stagnant for too long. If you hire an inbound marketing firm for your social media, you can expect more focus will be drawn to ensuring these accounts are kept up to date and a consistent posting schedule is maintained. 


Clear Marketing Purpose

Marketing requires clear goal-setting, as goals are based on key metrics and marketing strategies that need a clear path to drive the overall strategy and all other tactics that fit into it. Hiring an inbound marketing firm can help develop a clear marketing purpose for not only your social media, but all other tactics that relate to your overall inbound marketing strategy. Each tactic will be woven together well to achieve both your long term and short term goals.


Effective Promotions for your Business

When working with a digital marketing company who specializes in inbound marketing, they can help identify tactics that will help achieve your goals. Within social media, there are many different ways to promote your business whether you are an e-commerce company, retail, brick and mortar, you name it. Each industry has their own set of marketing tactics that can achieve results and these tactics are deployed based on the proximity to revenue each tactic is. Some may take more time to see results than others. Using an inbound marketing firm also benefits you as the firm will be aware of digital trends that are new and upcoming, some may even be new to the industry and might make a good opportunity to strike while no other companies are in the space. 


The Use of Innovative Technology

It’s expected that technology is rapidly evolving. Technology can change the game as far as the business landscape and the digital market is concerned. The same is true for social media channels and platforms. There will always be new features for businesses to use. The algorithms involved in these platforms will be continuously updated every now and then. If you aren’t on top of these trends, your business will be left behind by the competition. Hiring an inbound marketing firm staffed by industry experts can make a big difference in your marketing game plan for your business because you’ll be able to take advantage of technology you might not have known about or had time to research how to use it.


If you’re looking to improve the inbound marketing strategy for your company, give us a call! We’d be happy to develop something that will help achieve your goals.