What You Need to Know About Inbound Marketing Experts – Our Guide

It is hard to say that there is one task that needs to be done by this type of specialist, as every day can be different for them. One second they could be managing social media accounts, and another they could be building workflow emails or fixing landing pages. So what does an inbound marketing specialist do? Let’s take a look.


General Duties

Typically, an inbound marketing specialist’s duties involve managing various campaigns, building personas, conducting keyword research, planning campaigns, analyzing and revisiting the content, checking PPC, conducting A/B testing, developing sustainable workflows, and much more.


Skill Sets

There’s no doubt that it takes a lot of skill to become an inbound specialist. It’s important to understand that there is not one single type of inbound marketing specialist, either. A proper inbound marketing specialist must have expertise in content, SEO, PPC, social media, copywriting, design, reporting, and everything else in between.

If you want an inbound marketing specialist who specializes in all of these things, you might want to hire an agency. If you want to hire an inbound specialist in-house, you would have to hire and train people with these skill sets to form a fully competent specialist whereas with an agency, you will get to work with people who have already had the training and experience as well as different combinations of skill sets.


Multiple Campaigns

Managing a campaign involves weekly deliverables that must be met including items related to SEO, strategy, and teamwork. When you first get a new client, the aim is to get to know them, their goals, what they’re trying to achieve, who they sell to, their USPs, and most importantly, who their target customers are. This way, the specialist can find out more about them and how they can help.

Each section of the inbound marketing strategy will have its own set of goals and objectives so it is important to maintain an understanding on each of the pieces to know how they are contributing to the success of the overall plan.


Building Personas

The ability to build a thorough persona is what sets inbound marketing specialist apart from traditional marketers. They need to make structured personas of important customers, meaning that they need to gather as much information as they can.

Inventing personas can involve highly specialized documentation which can help marketers produce content that will solve any pain points of these personas while gaining the readers’ trust. It’s more than just informing marketers of demographic details; we need to also gather how they like to be spoken to and where these people will be looking online. There’s a lot of contexts as well as prior knowledge that needs to be used and databases need to be closely analyzed. There will need to be sales team discussions, customer and personal interviews, and even traditional market research to gain the type of insights the inbound specialist needs to build out each unique persona.


Keyword Research & Planning

After interviews have been completed and personas have been put together, the next step is to conduct keyword research and start planning the campaign.

The aim of keyword research is to find out what is being looked for and which terms show potential ranking opportunities. This will allow campaign planning to go a lot more smoothly since you are able to build content related to those keywords and will allow your company to rank higher as your content is relevant to what your audience is searching for.

All keywords need to be assessed against a few factors to determine the overall success of focusing content on specific terms and phrases. These factors include:

  • Will your persona search for these phrases – is the wording correct? Are these the type of terms your audience uses?
  • Is the search volume is high enough to be effective in delivering traffic?
  • What is competition like? Are there stronger websites that rank high with these keywords that may be tough to beat? 

Analyzing these factors will determine which keywords specifically will be targeted and used in an inbound marketing campaign.


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