Why Local Inbound Marketing is Here to Stay

Successful marketing never stays in one place. As trends change, it is imperative that the inbound marketing strategies adapt to take advantage of what is working, improve what isn’t, and jump on new trends early while there is little competition. After all, inbound marketing itself is a formidable industry that was born out of a bold move from traditional campaigns.

The key concept of effective inbound marketing is the ability to adapt to new methods in a timely manner to bring in new customers and retain current ones. 

Here are a few key areas to place your focus to create a great local inbound marketing strategy.


Algorithm Changes

Just when you think you have discovered the secret to inbound marketing via SEO keyword implementation, Google changes the rules (and the algorithm), jolting SEO out of its former ways. For one, Google no longer focuses on one keyword with relevant pages it now looks at how well posts are written about a topic, the click-through rate, and your overall domain rank or authority in that industry. With this big shift, quality content is now the center of attention when it comes to inbound marketing.

Google’s new algorithm update for page experience is coming and this update may greatly affect your local search traffic. While most of the update is centered around how your page functions for the user there will be some updates that make your Google My Business account a very important tool. Check out what other SEO’s have to say about the new core update and what you need to know to keep up on local listings. 


Trust Ratings

55 percent of marketers see content creation as their top inbound marketing priority, this speaks volumes about how much is at stake and how much they believe in its power. It is a matter of adapting to newer, better standards of content creation to maintain the trust of the all-knowing Google searches.

For example, if Google recognizes the consistent churning of quality content about a certain topic, then the authority will be credited over that topic more than others. Another way to establish knowledge management in content is done by linking to blogs or other topics that, in turn, feed into the algorithm change. This means customers will see you as a reliable source when they’re searching about specific topics.

Recent May updates have strengthened the importance of improving thin and old content to improve the trust the search engine and your customers have in your content as consistent updates and improvements are key.

Even more important is your ratings. Each industry has its own system. While local search relies heavily on Google ratings there are other options like Facebook and industry-specific pages that will greatly help improve your local search rankings as you get more ratings under your belt. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for good rating!



While Geo-Targeting may not be organic in nature it is an important step in a hyper-local marketing strategy. Get people to your store using their location and phone preferences. Check out how we used a CRM system and great targeting to improve in-person visits for a local pub. 

Using Facebook targeting and Google ads you can send people the best message when they are in or around your area. Paid that process with a customer app and loyalty points to improve the lifetime value of a customer.


If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help you with your inbound marketing, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.