CAMP Beer Co.

With British Columbia having over 170 craft breweries at the end of 2018, Kevin & Jamie approached Blue Meta to help them take their concept to the masses.


Camp Beer Co. needed to stand out in the crowded BC craft beer market.

1. Branding

Kevin had his heart on a design he had penned together. The combined pine and hop icon built around beer made for the outdoors.

Working through various ‘outdoorsy’ names, Camp Beer Company was born. Balancing the icon and typeface into a memorable logomark, blue/meta continued to grow the brand beyond the mark.

Illustration and photography styles were chosen, even the tone which people would read was carefully crafted to speak Camp Beer.

2. Packaging

The packaging strategy was to highlight the different stories of camping. Working with everyones memories of camping, names and matching illustrations were developed.

Illustrated in-house, the packaging’s rare colour palette takes some influence from the beer style but was chosen to give the packaging a unique personality. Combining these elements we are able to create a product that will stand out on shelf.

3. Brand Extension

As Camp Beer Co. continues towards the opening of it’s tasting lounge in 2019, it will showcase the brand (and more importantly the beer) at multiple festivals across the province.

Blue/meta has been working with the team to guide and help them through extending their brand onto various other mediums.

4. Results

Feedback from locals and craft beer enthusiasts has been hugely positive.

With much more to be revealed in the coming months, there are a few surprises to come.

Keep your eyes peeled for some Camp Beer near you.