Electric Clash

We collaborated with Vince Hui from to help bring pro and casual players to Electric Clash.


To launch a brand-new yearly Esports tournament, Electric Clash, in Toronto which included a Tekken World Tour as a Challenger event.

Bandai Namco and Twitch approached to put on a Tekken World tour stop in Toronto. approached blue/meta to help with the promotions of the event with the goal to exceed the signup and visitor targets established with Bandai Namco and has created a community hub of heavy users in the Esports fighting game space in Toronto; their challenge was finding non-heavy users to fill the competitive ranks of Electric Clash and visitors for the event.

The logo for Electric Clash, brought to you by


Targeting gamers of all levels.

Based on blue/meta’s experience in Esports we created multiple audiences with different messaging & creative for each. Audience variations were primarily segmented into different games and level of involvement in the Esports community.

  • Heavy Users – strong fans of the specific games being featured
  • Medium Users – people that were fans of the games featured but not competitive
  • Light Users – people that are fans of fighting games who may or may not play them any longer

Facebook ads results for Electric Clash event

We used behavioural data to target each audience in order to determine who would be most responsive to the ads. Implementing Facebook’s machine learning and campaign bid optimization, we were able to scale the results without scaling the budget.

Two pro gamers playing Tekken, featuring the blue/meta logo


Creating targeted messaging while leveraging strong existing brand assets from Bandai Namco.

Creative varied by audience based on game and level of active involvement in Esports. The video game titles which we used different ad creative for were:

  • Tekken 7
  • Soul Calibur 6
  • Dead or Alive
  • Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

Tekken ad creative, designed by Soul Calibur ad creative, designed by Dead or Alive ad creative, designed by Virtua Fighter ad creative, designed by

3. Results

The targets set by Bandai Namco and were doubled.

When reviewing the results of the campaign with our partners, both Bandai Namco and recognized that the results were well above their expectations. Furthermore, they were thrilled about the new single-day tournament format introduced by Vince at, which makes organizing more frequent events much more palatable. Demonstrating that even a single day event is able to garner these kinds of results will be a key insight for organizing future tournaments.

  • 10,000 unique viewers online on the Twitch stream.
  • The attendance target set by Bandai Namco and was and Pinnacle logos featured on Electric Clash screen