Feel Good Coffee

When Attie & Will decided to move back home to Australia from Canada, they decided to take advantage of the expertise they had worked with while living here.


To provide an authentic yet cheeky experience that makes people feel optimistic. Using coffee and tea as a platform, grow a lifestyle brand that is the talk of the town.

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1. Branding

Attie and Will had a list of ideas and requests. Most importantly was the brand. It had to shine with optimism, be quirky and youthful, as well as provide customers with a feel good feeling.

With a touch of Californian vintage, an illustrative logo combining their pet Dachshund, Ralph, and the Groundskeeper Willie persona was made while making sure it was minimal and clean. Embracing his overalls and his Panama straw hat, he was ready for work.

Working with artisan tea blending was a little more upmarket, so Willie donned his red felt coat, bowler hat and cane for his secondary variation.

2. Packaging

Doing good is at the heart of the Groundskeeper Willie brand so it was important to design packaging that embodied these values.

Every box is made from 100% recycled paper. Designing the box with a card slip in the front makes each box 100% reusable, making sure to keep unnecessary waste out of landfills.

For the inside, compostable plant-based inner bags were sourced to hold the beans.

The design was kept minimal to negate the use of too many inks, adding to the brand’s core value of helping customers feel good!

3. Brand Extensions

Grounds Keeper Coffee was just the beginning as Willie T(ea) was born. Artisan Willie T nitro tea blends are a delicious, all-natural, caffeine-free bottled product.

Handcrafted from the finest locally sourced ingredients including fruits, flowers, and tea leaves. The new packaging needed to work with both Australia’s & New Zealand’s consumer packing guidelines. With Hibiscus Spritz already in the market, the next batch of flavours has already been fine-tuned for production.

4. Results

Other than the amazing feedback from Attie & Will’s customers and competitors, the pair are continuing to grow their love for coffee, tea, and dogs into a lifestyle empire.

They’ve just moved into their new premises and are about to develop a destination roastery for everyone living in or passing through Australia’s Sunshine Coast to come to visit.