Bringing more leads through the doors with digital marketing

With an already well-established presence within the Langley community and mediation as a core service offering, MBJ Law needed a strategic partner to help them grow other aspects of their business.  Following a comprehensive digital audit, Blue Meta was able to help MBJ Law outrank competing firms in these key service areas within the crowded legal market.  This meant more leads, more phone calls, and more time spent on legal work rather than marketing.

About MBJ Law

Very much your community law firm, MBJ Law – officially MacDonald, Boyle, & Jeffery – has been providing friendly and professional legal services at competitive prices to residents of the Fraser Valley for over 70 years.

As the oldest law firm in town, MBJ Law has served generations of residents and businesses in the Langley area, thus earning the reputation of Langley’s neighbourhood law firm.  A family affair, Bryce Jeffery, his daughter, Tiffany, and their team live, work, and shop in Langley.  Their down-to-earth approach and commitment to the local community is evident.

Although primarily focused on a variety of services including conveyancing, notarization services, power of attorneys, wills, and probating estates, MBJ Law can customize their legal services to meet the individual needs of clients.

With over 20 years of experience in mediation, Bryce is also regarded as one of the most highly sought after mediators in the country and handles disputes of all kinds throughout Western Canada.

MBJ Law Website Mockup

1. Challenge

MBJ Law’s challenges and objectives.

Already widely renowned for their expertise in mediation, MBJ Law wanted to grow out the other areas of the business.  However, with the majority of their time already devoted to client service, MBJ Law needed a marketing partner who could shoulder the responsibility of their own marketing obligations.  One with the skill set needed to generate more leads.

MBJ Law Digital Ads

2. Strategy

How Blue Meta supported MBJ Law’s marketing efforts.

In the autumn of 2019, Blue Meta performed a digital audit of the MBJ Law website and existing marketing activities.  Following this audit, Blue Meta began managing a monthly digital marketing plan with the ultimate goal of driving new client leads through focused Google Ads spend.

To best direct the initial monthly ad spend, Blue Meta conducted in-depth keyword research relevant to the legal industry and identified opportunities and gaps in the market where competitors were not ranking.  By positioning MBJ Law as a leader for these keywords, incoming leads multiplied.

To assist with organic search traffic, Blue Meta updated the singular service page – which listed MBJ Law’s entire service offering – into separate and dedicated pages, with each unique to a particular area of expertise.  These pages were then built-out in further detail to boost organic SEO.

By dedicating a page to each unique service offering, and by funneling traffic to these pages through relevant keywords, Blue Meta was able to help MBJ Law outrank competitors through this focused approach.

As a result, MBJ Law’s sitewide clickthrough rate jumped by 109%, cost per conversion was reduced by 69%, and phone inquiries skyrocketed by an astounding 614% over a 5-month period.

3. Results

MBJ Law continues to engage with Blue Meta.

Blue Meta continues to support MBJ Law by maximizing the number of leads generated through ongoing paid search ad optimization and remarketing ads.  By freeing up more time for the legal team to focus on servicing clients, Blue Meta has allowed MBJ Law to drive more revenue and to remain focused on what they do best.