Introducing Gastro to Pub

Blue Meta collaborated with The Clayton Public House to create systems to track marketing results through the deployment of a CRM, a Wi-fi marketing system, and enhancing their digital presence. The goal was to get new customers, create regular customers, and increase visit frequency.


The Clayton needed a way to collect data from regular customers while also needing to measure the ROI of the marketing dollars they were spending.

The Clayton's Burger

1. Our approach

We first established what the restaurant’s needs were for some updated technology that integrated well with the other platforms already being utilized successfully.

Our creative team also identified there was a need for a more consistent brand and message. This guided the decision to simplify the imagery for social media while also realigning the product photography and videography to depict a more West Coast style pub.

The Clayton's Cod Dish

2. Technology

A Wi-Fi marketing system with integrations to Facebook and Instagram was selected for its ability to conduct SMS and email marketing in combination with digital couponing.

We set up the system in a way to detect whether a new or returning customer came to the location and the customer had seen any of the social campaigns. The system can detect how long it has been since the customer’s last visit and initiates a recovery sequence to entice the customer to return. Likewise, customers that are heavy users can be identified and rewarded.

Lastly, the system intermittently seeks feedback from first time customers to gain insight into their first experience at The Clayton. If the response is positive, they are invited to leave a review of the restaurant. If the response was that it was a negative experience, an alert is automatically sent to The Clayton’s management. This gives the management team insight into how to improve the overall experience and also the opportunity to recover the customer.

Campaigns from this system are split by demographics and psychographics as the system integrates and harvests the customers’ data from Facebook and other social sites.

The Clayton's Poutine

3. Creative

To differentiate The Clayton from similar restaurants in the area, we wanted to realign the brand back to it’s roots: West Coast style pub, serving great food and drinks to its community. This meant a strong focus on new professional photography and video as well as consistent brand styling and messaging.

This added a visually attractive look to each of the tailored campaigns on social media.

The Clayton Beef Pot Pie

4. Digital Marketing

Once customer data was collected in the CRM system, customers were clustered by the time of day they and day of the week they visited the restaurant. Through this analysis, patterns emerged and several customer profiles were created. In collaboration with The Clayton’s General Manager, these customer profiles were iterated based on the research of the local population to determine the biggest opportunities.

Campaigns were then formed with these customer profiles in mind to attract as much attention to the restaurant as possible. Due to certain customer profiles going through the buying process in different ways, there were multiple paths created to achieve two main goals:

  1. Sign-up to the CRM through either on location sign-up through the Wi-Fi system or volunteering the information through an online signup form.
  2. Reservations through a series of landing pages set up by type of ad and customer type.
The Clayton Burger and Fries

5. Results

In under 10 months, 2,000+ regular customers were created through the newly launched CRM system. These customers visited The Clayton a combined 13,500+ times in those months, with the average customer visiting the location 1.6 times per month.

In the same 10 month timeframe, bookings increased with 4,800+ customers using the newly developed systems, landing pages, and campaigns put into place to make their reservation.

By analyzing the average spend per customer, it was determined that $381,000+ was measured and assisted by marketing initiatives deployed.