Tiny Colony NFT Launch: Building Community & Driving Investor Growth

Web3 introduced audiences to the concept of digital ownership, which has driven the rise in cryptocurrency and NFTs (Non-Fungible Token).  Tiny Colony, a new player in the metaverse market, approached the Blue Meta team for strategic help launching their new Web3 Game, starting with the mint of their collection of Virtual Land NFTs. 

About Tiny Colony

Tiny Colony is an all-encompassing Metaverse with limitless opportunities for expansion. This pixelated ecosystem is built on the Solana blockchain, encompassing various game modes, events and experiences, including the first-ever Construction and Management Simulation Blockchain Game.

In the Tiny Colony Metaverse (AKA the Tinyverse), players can build and grow advanced ant colonies, defend their bases against dark forces that roam the underground, challenge other players to battles, form alliances and trade with one another to participate in large-scale community events. 

Players can earn various types of NFTs through multiple game modes to apply them to their game or trade them in secondary marketplaces such as Fractal and Magic Eden, as well as the in-game Tiny Bazaar (coming soon). 

NFT launch

1. Challenges

From the outside looking in, the Web3 space is filled with stories of boom and bust. The marketing challenges for new (and existing) projects in this space are very real. For that reason, anyone entering it needs a solid tactical plan. Two key challenges are:

  1. Audience: Customers are also retail investors. And because they’re personally invested in the product, a Web3 investor that buys NFTs has much less patience than is typically expected from other customers. This also increases the expected volume of communication required to sustain a community (and with it the floor – or starting – price).
  2. Speed: Hang out in the Discord of any Web3 project and you’re likely to see the question “when” get thrown around. As many users may be looking for a quick flip, the expectations of development speed in Web3 are unrealistic at best. The only thing that can stem this “need for speed” is a clear roadmap, consistent communication and a team of mods (coders, mappers, modelers) that are personally invested.

2. Strategy

While a key element of Web3 is the concept of digital ownership, an equally important element is the sense of community that is generated there.

To capitalize on this, the Blue Meta team strategically focused on organic community growth and providing value to that community through giveaways and airdrops. Consistent and frequent communication were a staple of keeping the audience engaged.

TC NFT discord logo

3. Execution

Blue Meta was originally brought in to provide social media and community support for Discord, Twitter and Instagram, but Tiny Colony was so impressed with the team’s knowledge, insights and strategic recommendations that this was soon expanded into content creation and ad campaigns that were focused on bringing new users into the Tiny Colony Discord server.

The team’s driving goal still remained steadfast: provide high quality, high volume content and community incentives to encourage rapid growth and audience expansion. Ensuring there was a consistent flow of content in the form of announcements was deemed critical to maintaining momentum while supporting ongoing engagement. To achieve this, the goal was set to do one new announcement per day.

While the meta continues to shift every few weeks, the team managed to achieve two successful mints by growing an approved email list through Twitter engagement and launching a gamified whitelist system that was fed by social media ad campaigns.

TC pixel sample mobile design

4. Results

The response to the campaign tactics was impressive. Significant audience engagement and growth was realized almost immediately with over three million dollars being raised during the two mint events. Between both mints, over 13,000 NFTs were minted valued at over $2 million in funding.

Since Discord and Twitter are the main two channels for the NFT audiences, campaign tactics included activity that was concentrated within these channels. Through the team’s strategic planning leading up to the land mint, Tiny Colony gained 28,654 new Discord members in just eight weeks. In addition to building community, this also helped generate interest while adding to the overall “buzz” over a sustained period of time.

1,054,792 video views were realized at a cost of $10,577.18. 

Results Measured Included:

  • Campaign Reach
  • Mint Sales Volume
  • Twitter Followers
  • Discord Members
  • Community Engagement

Blue Meta is honoured to work with Tiny Colony on this venture and we look forward to helping other Web3 projects who need strategic insight and help navigating this fast-changing landscape. 

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