10net: Brand Clarity, UVP And Entering New Markets

10net is a collection of companies offering experiential digital signage solutions including ideation, design, procurement, installation and system monitoring and management. With offices in both Canada and the US, they are well-positioned to serve customers across North America. Since 2008, 10net has been collaborating with businesses looking to create one-of-a-kind memorable experiences as well as those seeking multi-location systems that convey internal-facing communications in addition to product and service offerings.



Like many companies, 10net was struggling to effectively communicate their unique value proposition (UVP) and product and service offerings to potential customers. In addition to robust sales and marketing strategies, this need for brand clarity and its support for entrance into new markets was critical to ensuring future growth. They asked Blue Meta to provide strategic recommendations that would help them to best position and promote their business.

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Having been successful in Canada due to their large referral network, 10net needed a solid, strategic plan for lead generation as they acquired new companies and expanded into the US. Yet they hadn’t been able to effectively communicate their UVP within the digital signage solutions space. They also needed to demonstrate the benefits of their products and services to potential customers. The problem was, in trying to be “everything to everyone”, they were creating confusion in their messaging and diluting their marketing efforts.

“Our biggest challenge was how to convey what we do and help people understand the different streams of our business,” said Tina Finan, 10net CFO. “We needed someone who could help us take that step back and think outside our space to better communicate with potential customers”.

Even though they’d been working internally on their marketing strategy, 10net recognized that benefits associated with bringing in an objective, external resource who could evaluate their business along with their sales and marketing efforts then provide direction and support on how to move forward.

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Through an initial discovery meeting, the Blue Meta team identified two key factors:

  • The current business model of trying to communicate all of 10net’s different service offerings under one company was ineffective.
  • This communication and subsequent messaging was creating confusion in the marketplace.

The team recommended that a new brand architecture be undertaken, one that would separate the unique service offerings and target audiences according to specific needs. Blue Meta also recommended new marketing strategies and tactics that directly targeted lead generation and supported sales efforts within identified verticals.

The next step was to create a strategic marketing plan for three completely new brands, including names, logos, messaging, and supporting sales and marketing tactics. These tactics were aimed at aiding future acquisitions while helping acquire customers in both existing and future markets.

A marketing calendar and budget were also prepared. These included the creation of new messaging, sales tools, websites, digital marketing strategies and trade show activity. Clear KPIs were established to identify what was working and what needed to be adjusted to ensure maximum success was realized for the money being spent.

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Blue Meta also supported 10net when in came to launching their new brands into the market, turning to us to create and execute on the recommended sales and marketing tools and strategic campaigns.

“Blue Meta has been amazing and a great team to work with,” said Tina Finan. “I can’t say enough good things about them.”