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The seamless weaving of multiple customer journeys creates an end-to-end, integrated digital experience. The journey begins when a customer discovers a product or service, learns how it affects them, makes a purchase, and receives genuine after-purchase client care.


1. Identify Audience

We figure out the demographics and psychology of your customers, their behaviors, and their needs by immersing ourselves into their customer journey. Through customer and market research we determine which audiences are most likely to buy your product, so we can get it into their hands.

  • Current User Research
  • Market Research
  • Brand Strategy & Positioning
  • Brand Architecture

2. Map User Buying Process

We generate a hypothesis of the buying journey based on research, the identified audiences, and current stakeholder knowledge in order to test, learn, and iterate. This results in a map of the buying process in its raw form.

  • Buying Persona Research
  • Interviews
  • User Scenario Testing

3. Simplify Buying Journey

We take the buying process map then determine if each step is needed, information that can reduce friction to the next step, and how to incentivize the customer to take actions that get them closer to a purchase. We then overlay this map on the digital landscape.

  • Customer Experience Testing
  • A/B Testing of Value Exchanges/Incentives
  • A/B Testing of Content

4. Automate Through Technology

Once we have tested the simplified buying process we identify what steps can be automated through technology in order to generate scale. This can mean operational efficiencies, maximizing sales per customer, or increase frequency of repeat purchase while reducing costs to generate these outcomes.

  • Platform Evaluation & Selection
  • Responsive Website Design & Development
  • Marketing Automation
  • CRM Marketing

5. Create and Launch Campaigns

Campaigns are about getting the right kind of attention and converting it into a pre-planned goal. We day trade attention every day – Like a stock broker has a portfolio of stocks, we have a portfolio of attention. Attention prices vary from platform to platform online; within these platforms the attention of different demographics and psychographics fluctuates at different times of day, week, or season. Our goal is not to target the cheapest attention, our goal is to find the highest value-per-dollar attention for you.

  • Campaigns - Mobile, Display & Social
  • PR & Influencers
  • Content - Audio, Video, Design & Written
  • Search Optimization

6. Find Blockages & Continuously Improve

We constantly A/B test all campaigns, websites, and sub-segments of audiences in order to find the most value per dollar. This can mean breaking out an audience in multiple parts to test them against each other, testing ways to reduce friction for the buying journey, and applying newly discovered techniques and technologies in order to ensure you remain a market leader.

  • Dashboards – KPI's & Metrics
  • Digital Optimization
  • Machine Leaning
  • Iterative Design

Our 6 step Methodology

How We Do It


Customer Experience

Digital Marketing

  • Campaigns
  • Content
  • Social Influencers
  • Search Optimization