Putting their best foot forward & doubling their online sales

A renowned stylish footwear brand needed to grow their market share with direct to consumer sales from their new online store. The results? Over 100% growth for their online sales, and 200% growth overall. 

Anthony Veer is known in the footwear industry as both a stylish and sustainable brand when it comes to leather and suede made shoes. You’ll find stylish loafers, boots and slips on for both men and women.

1. Dig into the data

Our team of analysts dug into the data on Shopify and Amazon to better understand what SKUs were already selling well and which ones were under performing. 

We focused on a smaller number of products to help streamline the consumer buying process. 

By doubling down on the products that were already successful in the marketplace these core products now make up more than 25% of their shoe sales overall. 

2. Get Creative on Social

Now that the buying process was streamlined, it was time to dial up the creative and put their best foot forward online. 

Blue Meta created the assets and copy that drove sales from social media direct to their online stores. 

The results: Driving 90,000+ store visits for over 1100 new orders of shoes. 

3. Rank higher search results

By optimizing keywords and setting up more targeted campaigns, the online store saw a steady increase of traffic, and a higher conversion rate. 

More leather shoes, for more happy customers. 

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