Launching a new milk brand to #1 on Amazon

There are 17 different types of alternative milks currently available and several dozen major brands all vying for market share in this growing industry. The global dairy alternatives market is valued at almost $30 billion dollars and growing at a compound rate annually.
How can a new brand hope to stand out from the competition?

With a new creative campaign and optimized listing on Amazon, Blue Meta launched Lechia to the #1 spot for almond milk.

Lechia product sample design

1. The Challenge

Lechia was well known as a top selling macadamia nut milk in the US, but they wanted to launch an online store with Amazon to be able to expand more quickly into other categories.

Knowing how to rank for the top search terms for your brand and optimize your listing, is the key to success that Blue Meta focuses on when working with new online brands.

Blue Meta brought the new listings to life with a complete creative suite of products including new video and graphics for the landing pages.

We then optimized their listing and managed the paid traffic through various campaigns on Amazon to get the very first purchases.

2. The Results

  • Landing the #1 milk spot on Amazon for Almond Milk
  • 32% growth in orders month over month
  • Almost 600 5 star reviews on Amazon from happy customers

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