Striking Gold. Exciting brand and digital marketing strategy aimed at attracting investors.

Following a merger and new business model, Orogen Royalties required a new brand and marketing strategy that would appeal to potential investors and encourage them to learn more about the company and ultimately purchase stocks. Blue Meta worked closely with Orogen to develop a new logo, brand guidelines, and digital marketing strategy that would promote awareness and educate potential investors about the value of organic royalty generation stocks and, in particular, why they should invest in them.

About Orogen

Orogen is a new gold royalty company, created from the merger of two well-established exploration companies: Evrim Resources and Renaissance Gold.

As an organic royalty generator, Orogen adds new gold royalties to its portfolio through strategic acquisitions and organically by selling gold exploration projects in exchange for cash payments and net smelter return (NSR) royalties on the projects. Their focus is on gold and copper projects in Mexico, western Canada, Nevada, and the western United States.

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1. Challenge

Orogen realized they needed a brand strategy, including a logo, that would reflect their new business and distinguish themselves from their competition. They also required a digital media strategy to attract not only existing investors in the gold royalty generation space but new ones as well who may not be aware of how lucrative investing in gold royalties can be.

“Our previous marketing strategy relied heavily on creating and sharing content. We knew we needed to grow the number of people who were seeing this content and encourage the download of our Investor Presentation through a solid digital marketing strategy”, said Liliana Wong, Marketing and IR manager with Orogen. 

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2. Strategy

How Blue Meta supported Orogen

Following an initial discovery meeting with Orogen, the team at Blue Meta began extensively researching the competitors in this space to determine how best to differentiate Orogen’s brand in terms of colour, imagery, and messaging. Additionally, time was spent identifying the target audience (potential investors) and what was important to them when making investment decisions, including their interests and the types of media they consume. This intelligence would guide and inform the recommended brand and digital marketing strategies to ensure they were appealing to and successfully reached the right audiences. 

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3. Execution

After a few follow-up meetings, a final presentation was delivered to Orogen that summarized the research findings, a brand strategy including a proposed logo, recommended colours, fonts, and imagery, as well as a measurable digital marketing strategy with clear KPIs and metrics. 

Since then, Orogen has adopted all of the brand recommendations, including the logo, into their new website and corporate marketing materials. They are also looking to engage Blue Meta to execute a digital marketing strategy starting this fall. 

“We were very happy with the brand and marketing recommendations provided by Blue Meta. They took the time to understand our business and how best to attract new investors. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.” said Liliana Wong.