Customer Persona

Finding your dream customer can take time. Get started by creating a persona using the audience data from your website or social channels. Don’t have data yet? Use the questions below to help guide you through setting up your ideal customer also known as a buyer persona.


Buyer Persona

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Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating Your Customer Persona

Ask yourself a few questions before proceeding:

  1. What benefit or solution does your product or service solve for your customer

  2. Where is your idea customer located

  3. When does your ideal customer purchase from you (what triggers their need to purchase)

  4. Define what your number one customer looks like using demographics

    1. Gender

    2. Age

    3. Interests and hobbies

    4. Occupation

    5. Relevant behaviors (who, what, when, where, why?)

    6. Average income

    7. Level of education

  5. Who is your competitors ideal customer, do they match yours?

Bonus: If you have the time and resources a great way to find your ideal customer is to survey your current customers. You can use something as simple as Instagram questions, email out a Google survey, or just call and ask them some questions if you have a good relationship. Questions should include things like:

  • what made them decide to pick you over competitors?

  • What keeps them returning to purchase your product or service?

  • What triggered them to decide they needed your product/service?

Questions can help you outline the ideal why and when for your product or service.