How to Use Videos to Improve Your Inbound Marketing Funnel

One marketing concept that every business owner needs to learn in 2019 is how to create a sales funnel. This is a system in which the audience is enticed in stages, from acquisition all the way through to purchasing and loyalty. It can help ensure that your business is more sustainable and that it requires as little additional investment as possible, as everything will already be streamlined to support the most purchases.

If you are looking to improve the sales funnel system, marketing videos is a great tool to use, as it incorporates the benefits of various forms of media into one.

If you’re looking to use videos to improve your marketing funnel system, here’s a way you could go about it:


Using Videos for the Acquisition Phase

Advertisement videos are people’s first source of information on your brand, so it’s essential that you convey all the information your audience needs to know in one video. To do this, you have to make sure that you do enough market research to understand the needs and pain points of your audience. Marketing is a value exchange so people expect to receive something from your brand. As such it’s important that you create content that gives your audience value so use your market research to be able to pinpoint what exactly you could deliver.

You should use videos to show the value of the products and services you offer to make sure that people understand what your brand does and how potential customers can incorporate what you sell into their life. If leads don’t know what your brand can provide, then you will have a difficult time collecting leads.


Appeal to the Audience’s Emotions

Emotions have much more value to us than logic, as it’s easier and quicker to make a decision based on feelings rather than rational thoughts. Therefore, if you’re looking to improve your conversions with your video campaign, the most important thing you need to do is to make sure that it appeals to the audience’s emotional side. You want people to imagine what it would be like if they used your products, or use a unique, loving story to get your audience to relate to your brand, your messaging and ultimately be more inclined to purchase what you’re selling. 


Helping People to Make a Decision During the Consideration Phase

This is the part of the funnel where brands lose most of their prospective leads, as people may lose interest in what a brand has to offer. This is the phase in which you need to emphasize your value as a brand and how your products and services can make the audience’s lives better. You need to make sure that you show every part of your product and make the audience understand how your product will help them. You need to appeal to the audience’s personal aspirations and goals, as that will make the product more valuable in their eyes.

For example, if your brand sells durable backpacks, you could advertise your product by saying that every part of the product is recyclable and that a charity will receive a donation for every purchase. This will help you attract more clients from groups who are interested in being environmentally-friendly, which will help make your business more sustainable as a whole.


Drive Leads Home in the Decision Phase

The last phase of the marketing funnel is called the decision phase, which is the most critical part of the whole process. You have to work hard to retain the interest of people and take them to this phase, so it’s important that you send them off by making sure they complete the purchase. During this phase, people don’t need more convincing to spend money on the product, as what they need is more detailed information about your brand and its products. You can use a FAQ video that tells people more about your company. For example, you can tell them more about the return policy and aftercare services. This will help make them more comfortable about their investment, which will ensure that they will be more likely to make that purchase decision.


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