Demand Gen Daily – Ep 35: Amazon – Part 3 – Listing Optimization for Product Page Details

Amazon listing optimization is all about tweaking the listing to improve a variety of things including session rates, sales, and session duration.

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What is an Amazon listing – everything that you as the buyer see on a product page – product images, video, title, bullet points, everything that shows above the fold? Then after that, you have A+ content, scroll even further you’ll get to the reviews section.

It’s important to ensure your listing is getting optimized to comply with the most recent Amazon algorithm. At the time of writing this blog, that’s A10. The two top things that have a disproportionate impact are the product title and product hero shot. The hero shot is the first product image you’ll see in the listing as well as the product image that will show on the results pages. This image is incredibly important as this is the primary reason why you click on the product vs a different product. 

Consumers in general spend 3-5 seconds on an Amazon listing so you have to be very diligent with placing the right information in the right places to get the highest sales possible.

The bullet points on the product listing need to write both for the reader and for the Amazon search engine. Using keyword prioritization where you’re placing keywords in the title and bullet points in order of their profitability to the seller. Having these keywords early in the content is very important.

A+ content includes full-width content with more images and copy that is only available when you are registered in the brand registry. When you get this feature, you’re able to prevent other companies from knocking off your products as well as improve your Amazon SEO even further.

Stay tuned for the other Amazon podcasts within our next series of episodes for more advanced discussions! 

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