Effective Tips on How to Increase Conversion on Website

No matter how many CTAs and prompts you place on your website to encourage interaction between you and your website’s visitors, it isn’t uncommon to not get a reply. While a lack of conversions is always a cause for investigation, it shouldn’t be a cause for panic. When customers aren’t taking the actions you want them to, try out some of these ideas to help increase conversion rates.


The explanation behind the lack of a conversation

One of the biggest reasons why customers don’t want to reach out to a business via email or phone to ask questions is that they have a greater penchant for convenience. They don’t want to spend more time than necessary placing an order for a single item. If all the information they need is not placed in front of them, they will simply leave and purchase the item from a competitor that does tell them what they need to know. This stresses the importance of providing the right information to communicate value to your customers. If you can incorporate live chat onto your website, this has proven to increase conversions online as customers can get additional information in real time to help with their purchase decision. 


Customers have become increasingly self-sufficient when it comes to purchasing products. They can research as much as they want, look into comparative products and make a decision without even having to talk to someone to make the purchase.  A conversation definitely takes up time during a customer’s purchasing flow, which means that it can be difficult to overcome the communication barrier between business and consumer. 


According to a study conducted by Desk.com on the standard flow of a customer on a website, 41 per cent of its respondents would search for information about a business themselves through the website if they had a question about a service or product. The same study revealed that 72 per cent of its millennial respondents believed that phone calls were not an effective way to tend to customer service issues. 


What’s wrong with self-sufficient customers?

While self-sufficiency is definitely an appealing trait at times, barriers to communicate about your products can be troublesome. Businesses need to be able to gain insight from their clients to make educated decisions about targeting, product development and messaging for their advertising. Communicating with your customers the way that they want to be communicated with makes it much easier to ensure that they’re having the best experience possible with your brand and website. 


Nothing can provide more valuable insight that actual customer input. Being aware of what your customers need and don’t need is important for providing them with an overall positive experience before, during, and after a purchase. This input can come in the form of Google and Facebook reviews, testimonials and referrals. Getting feedback is a great way to know where you stand with your target audience and if there is any improvement to be made to the overall customer experience.


What’s a good solution that can help me establish a dialogue with my customers?

Finding ways to communicate with your customers that will help conversion rates can come in the form of different content on different platforms, a new advertising campaign or even just updates to the content on your website. 


As we’ve already mentioned, introducing a live chat feature to your website can help conversions because your visitors can chat with you in real time and it’s more convenient. You can also communicate information about your brand and website by having clear and concise landing pages that match specifically to what you’re selling. This is essential when it comes to specific ad campaigns you run because the landing page you send visitors to can significantly impact the performance of your campaign. 


Having genuine, quality content on your social media platforms can also help conversion rates as potential customers can see the product in use and can better imagine themselves using the product in that same way. You can also share messages and posts that loyal customers post as social proof that your products are good, so potential customers (and friends of the people posting the content) can see other people using the product and are more likely to try it as well.


When in doubt, just ask your customers what more they expect from you. Send out a survey to get feedback on what’s working, what’s missing and what could help them make a purchase faster.


If you’re finding your campaign isn’t getting any conversions or you need help determining what your conversions are, give us a call. We’d love to help out!